KRudd hearts MKR as Seven wins Monday

2013-03-19_1003Celebrities in My Kitchen Rules, including a cameo by KRudd and even a host  from The Great Australian Bake Off, helped drive Seven’s reality show to another win last night.

And while The Block is tracking well for a healthy finale, TEN’s Biggest Loser may have to wait until Easter non-ratings to find its audience.

Seven network shares were 34.1% then Nine 27.2%, ABC 19.7%, TEN 15.4% and SBS 3.6%.

My Kitchen Rules was #1 with 1.73m for Seven then Seven News (1.17m), Revenge (1.16m), Today Tonight (1.04m), Home and Away (942,000), How I Met Your Mother (547,000 / 395,000) and Deal or No Deal (467,000).

The Block was best for Nine with 1.4m viewers then Nine News (1.14m), ACA (974,000), Big Bang (935,000 / 828,000), Two and a Half Men (621,000), Hot Seat (573,000), Person of Interest (414,000) and Footy Classified (180,000 in 3 states).

ABC1 News (958,000) topped ABC1 then Australian Story (899,000), 7:30 (762,000), Four Corners (748,000), Media Watch (730,000), Q & A (579,000) and Grand Designs (295,000).

Mondays are never good for TEN and again it could not rise above TEN News (670,000) with The Biggest Loser at 597,000, The Project at 471,000, Can of Worms at 426,000, The Simpsons at 367,000 and Hawaii Five-0 at just 251,000.

SBS also struggles on a Monday with World News Australia its best at 158,000 then Mythbusters (157,000), RocKwiz (105,000) and Man vs Wild at 89,000.

Neighbours was best on multichannels with 294,000.

Today: 351,000
Sunrise: 324,000
ABC News Breakfast: 52,000 / 26,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 18 March 2013


  1. What is happening with Person of Interest. This show rated much better last year here and is killing it in the US. I really do not think it is the quality of the show although I have to say the last two episodes I saw were not too entertaining. Could it possibly be because Channel nine took the program off before Season 1 had finished, and only showed the final episodes of Season 1 after Season 2 had premiered in the States. Maybe people are fed up with now having to wait almost three weeks before they see a new episode from the States and they download it. Last year POI ws getting ratings in the 500,000 ball park when they screened a repeat of this show. This show started out so strong for Nine and now it has fallen remarkably.

  2. MKR was funny last night when you saw different people from different networks eating the food. I thought it was a great challenge and it was another great episode of revenge.

  3. To anyone whos listening,
    What is Ten hoping to put on in Thursadys except a repeat of Law and Order SVU?? If i was programing manager i would have Hawaii 5-O and L&O SVU both on saturdays and extend Can Of Worms to 2 hours.

  4. Can of worms is improving. The last 2-3 episodes have been quite good and kept my attention. It will be interesting to see how James Matheson does when he fills in for chrissie when she is on maternity leave. Haven’t minded the biggest loser so far. Will probably keep watching as its only 3 eps a week. I thought it was quite confronting seeing the pictures of the children at the age of their parents if they didn’t change the path the were on. Gave up on revenge after 2 episodes this season. Was not good viewing and nowhere near as good as last season.

  5. And there’s no way Neighbours would rate any better than The Simpsons if Ten were to move it back to the main channel. Ten’s early evening quick fix would be to have The Project at 6 and Modern Family at 7 (inclusive of a new episode once a week).

  6. Revenge has dropped off a fair bit, reflective of the disappointing plotline this season. With the lead in it should be getting at least 1.3m+. If US ratings are anything to go by, I wouldn’t be surprised if it falls below 1m after easter.

    I gave up on Biggest Loser after 5 minutes when I saw that last night’s show was just going to be the contestants weighing in and crying. I wish it would focus more on exercise and diet and how viewers can do it at home, rather than just on challenges and drama.

    Can of Worms is slowly improving, but Ten should keep the momentum going over Easter rather than shelving it for clip specials. And they need something stronger at 9.30.

  7. Neighbours was getting 600-700k when it was moved to Eleven. It now has a regular audience of <300k. So 300-400k people have stopped following its stories and characters.

    Neighbours would gain some viewers if it was moved back to Ten but it would still rate much less that it did before. Just like The Simpson is struggling to get 400k viewers on Ten.

  8. TasTVcameraman

    Maybe a bit of cross promotion done well would lift figures.
    Neighbours is going OK, but it is better done than Home & Away in my opinion , and the storylines are more complex which makes it great to watch for long time viewers like myself, but hard to get into for new viewers.

    Maybe because new viewers have been dumbed down by the contrived reality shows, they can not recognise good story lines when they see them.

  9. Will be interested to see timeshifted ratings next week. Our household watches TBL and tapes MKR and watches it at 8:30pm. I’m guessing others might do that in reverse.

  10. Still wonder what types of figures Neighbours would get if it was on 10 and not limited to a multi-channel. It even beat Hawaii five-0 on the main channel.

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