Bryan Brown, Rachel Ward to present at ADG Awards

2013-04-16_2205Bryan Brown, Rachel Ward, Susie Porter and Denise Roberts are the first presenters named for the 2013 Australian Directors Guild Awards.

Adam Zwar will host the Awards at Hoyts Cinemas at the Entertainment Quarter on May 3.

“We’re thrilled that Rachel, Bryan, Susie and Denise will join us to help celebrate the achievement of Australian screen directors over the past year. Watch out for more exciting announcements to come as lock in more high profile presenters,” said ADG Executive Director Kingston Anderson.

“There’s tremendous industry goodwill towards this event as the word spreads about what a great night it is, with the requisite mix of respect and irreverence.”


  1. I’ll never forget Rachel Ward voting for her own film (in “disguise” – a flat cap as I recall) at the Sydney Film Festival. Ahhh memories.

  2. I must say I am a huge fan of Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward.

    Bryan Brown of course did the Australian version of “The Twilight Zone” called “Twisted Tales” and its spinoff “Two Twisted” some 9 years later.

    And as for the legend that is Rachel Ward I will never forget as a kid the late 80’s/early 90’s VHS taped late night Channel 7 screenings of the 1981 slasher flick “Terror Eyes” and even to this day still haven’t forgotten that first scene with the merry- go-round. And of course she also did the 1985 Crawfords produced Australian horror/thriller movie with the Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse masks that will forever be etched in our minds that screened on Channel 10 called “Fortress”.

    I must say both movies that she has starred in and I saw as a kid I have never forgotten and according to imbd and other sites it looks like they also made an impression on so many others who saw them as kids, being up there with the likes of 1958’s “The Fly” as some of the most terrifying movies we have seen in our childhoods.

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