Luke McGregor one to watch

Luke McGregor is possibly the world's most awkward entertainment reporter -which makes him very funny.

2013-05-11_0213Look out for comedian Luke McGregor on ABC2’s upcoming Dirty Laundry Live.

McGregor is possibly the world’s most awkward entertainment reporter on the new comedy panel show which starts at 9:30pm next Thursday.

Josh Thomas probably still doesn’t know what hit him… or hit on him, for that matter.

McGregor could become a name to watch…

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  1. I used to catch some of Luke’s stand-up gigs in Hobart when he was starting out there. Very much the awkward character, but that’s him in real life anyway (& very funny too). Fun fact & related to Josh Thomas: Luke had a small part in Josh’s Please Like Me as a real estate agent (but his first TV gig was on a Channel 31 comedy program with a lot of other Hobart expats).

    The Age’s Green Guide did a great preview write-up last Thursday about Dirty Laundry Live. I’m liking the sound of this program. The hook for me was Mooney saying he doesn’t want forced laughter from his panellists, making it more relaxed like a British panel show & not like a commercial radio duo. That’s one thing Australian panel shows need to learn!

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