1. I think HR will have quite a bit of life left in it. Wasn’t really interested in it, but watched the first ep, didn’t think much. However, tonight’s ep finally gives us some ‘personality’ from the competitors. Starting to enjoy it!

  2. Great ncis figures esp for the 9.40 slot. Could easily put a repeat ep of ncis to hold onto viewers and use ncis l.a to prop up another night.

  3. See House Rules is starting to gain some momentum. Its a lot more respectable figures than last week. I really think this show can slowly rise up. Its so much better than The Block and hopefully viewers will see that.

  4. @ nicks good review.

    I think really MKR was a revised format of my Restaurant Rules, which had more opportunity for community and viewer engagement, However to compare ratings from then non multi-channel to now would be relatively pointless. I am still amazed MKR has been such a huge success and contiues to pull viewers

    I enjoy cooking but have never felt the need to watch multiple episodes a week of cooking shows. Similarly with lifestyle/ renovation shows.
    I do not know how people can commit to so many episodes a week when they may vary from half and hour some nights to 75 minutes (the Block) or just 75 minutes 4 nights a week (House Rules).

    So it is a surprise that Voice was popular for the ‘novelty’ blind auditions and then interest has waned for the once a week marathon Live performances.

    Audiences are quite unpredictable. But they do not like being mucked about.(many drams have suffered as a result of changing time slots start times or mid season hiatuses).

  5. I think nine is probably paying the price of trying to stuff to much into the stew pot with The Voice, block and celebrity apprentice all at same time. Also with Voice on for so long Monday night surely better to have split over 2 nights.

  6. One of the earliest lessons I learned in school was never copy someone else’s work.Firstly.. cause it’s cheating and wrong,secondly cause how are you ever gonna learn if you just copy someone else.Boy were those lessons ever wrong. If you want proof just look at Seven network.Masterchef rolling along nicely..let’s
    take some Masterchef, throw in some lifestyle chic..call it My Kitchen Rules.You cripple Ten’s Professionals offering,likely seriously hurt Mc itself(how many cooking shows does oz want to watch),and you’ve got the year’s ratings winner in the bargain.The Block humming along for Nine..hmmm…Rules seemed to work as a title with my kitchen..let’s use it with House and do some renovating of our own.And if numbers hold up you’ve pretty well obviated any chance for The Block to repeat last year’s boffo ratings, and besides, it looks like you’ve got yourself at least a 1 million show.There are some pretty smart guys over at Seven.Producing great innovative programs..maybe not..but understanding their audience and its preference for tried and safe,Seven has no peer.

  7. House Rules is slowly becoming a case study in how to deal with a show after a lacklustre launch.

    Well done Seven. Now you just have to maintain viewer interest.

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