Seven expanding news & entertainment in the arvo

sallyobSally Obermeder will host, The Daily Edition, an afternoon news and entertainment show for Channel Seven.

The show hosted by the former Today Tonight entertainment reporter will feature “the hot issues of the day with lively discussion, interviews and crosses to newsmakers around the country.”

It is understood to have been developed by Morning Show producer Sarah Stinson.

Obermeder recently co-hosted The Morning Show with Larry Emdur.

“Afternoon television needs a show like this,” she said.

“I’m so excited to be working on a format which will inform, entertain and tell the stories of the day in an easy, accessible style.

“The team behind the scenes is one of the best at this style of fast-paced, live programming.

“The mix of News and Entertainment stories will make for great television.”

While Nine has recently been broadcasting Nine News Now, aimed at female viewers, Seven is yet to declare a timeslot or start date.


  1. Maxxdude, your fanboying over Nine looks even more ridiculous now because there’s practically no difference between them & Seven. They copy each other in equal measure. Mark my words, the first humans to be finally cloned will end up working against their original counterparts for both of these networks.

  2. this would be the perfect gig for KAK kerrie ann, entertainment and news with sally obermeder reading the news .just dont get tv excecutives they have no idea what the viewer wants. and as for channel nines nine news now its awful.

  3. Bet it will start at 2:30 – half an hour earlier than Nine.
    This is ridiculous. We now have News/advertorial/ cross-promotion/gab-fest, etc/. “shows” from 5am to midday and from 3pm to 7pm.
    Obermeder seems to be a Seven Sydney chick who filed a few bits for TT, but, no, can’t see where she’s “one of Australia’s most loved TV presenters”.

  4. Yuck. Nine News Now is just awful and now we’ve got the Seven version coming on.

    It’s not news, if you want news that’s on ABC24.

    It really sullies the Nine News brand having that crap on.

  5. muscledude_oz

    Oh dear. It sounds a lot like the disastrous This Afternoon which lasted just over a week on Nine in 2008. And Adam Boland with his magic touch has gone to Ten. Don’t think this one will fly.

    • Maxxdude: The press release actually said Sally was “one of Australia’s most loved TV presenters.” Aside from guest hosting The Morning Show I can’t recall what shows she has presented.

  6. Don’t know who she is as I am not a Seven watcher. Why can’t Seven develop their own idea. The are the copy cat network. Nine have News Now followed be Extra.

    I see where they are saying the House Rules is the first reno show to renovate a whole house in a week. The Block did this last season when they renovated the production house in a week & did both inside & outside.

    Seven really needs to have an original thought.

  7. carolemorrissey

    Um, afternoon TV already has a show like that, it’s called Nine News Now on ch 9!!!! Yeah, I knew sooner or later that they would copy cat it. Don’t really think we need 2 of them.

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