A-League victory for 7mate

2013-07-25_10027mate’s coverage of the Melbourne Victory v Liverpool FC scored a whopping 588,000 viewers and an 8.4% channel share for the night.

The biggest audience was in Melbourne with 262,000 viewers then Sydney with 158,000.

Seven network share was 29.6% then Nine 29.3%, TEN 18.2%, ABC 17.8% and SBS 5.1%.

Seven News was 1.28m for Seven then Today Tonight (1.08m), Home and Away (941,000), Criminal Minds (810,000), Surveillance Oz (713,000 / 653,000), Deal or No Deal (543,000) and The Mole (356,000 / 279,000).

Nine News topped the evening with 1.36m for Nine then The Block (1.34m), A Current Affair (1.14m), Big Bang (936,000), Hot Seat (704,000) and Arrow (629,000 / 470,000).

MasterChef (737,000) was best on TEN then Offspring (723,000), TEN News (720,000), The Project (501,000). The Simpsons was 344,000 and the debut of This Week Live was good on content but soft on numbers at 338,000.

ABC News (951,000) topped ABC1 then 7:30 (795,000), Qi (728,000), Adam Hills Tonight (587,000), Wednesday Night Fever (429,000) and Restoration Man (326,000).

Australia with Simon Reeve (361,000) did well for SBS ONE then Meet the Sloths (209,000), World News Australia (144,000) and The Killing (136,000).

Sunrise: 381,000
Today: 372,000
ABC News Breakfast: 69,000 / 35,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 24 July 2013


  1. Secret Squirrel

    @Craig – you’re not alone, I didn’t think much of TWL either. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t that good either. If only the audience was laughing as much as the one that I heard bursting out of my speakers, I might have too.

  2. @Maxxdude
    I meant the Victory produced a,much more competitive match than the Allstars.

    I didn’t know TWL was on, I’ve only been watching The Americans and Nurse Jackie on Network Ten and skip ads.

  3. @Pertinax Liverpool were playing Melbourne Victory not an All Stars team. Di you actually watch it?
    Seven still only just won the night even with Mate;s higher share so I reckon Nine is still the night’s winner.
    This Week Live did very poorly. Didn’t watch it & don;t intend too after the worst promos ever. Can’t see it lasting unless Ten needs local content.

  4. Secret Squirrel

    Great start to S3 of The Killing last night. That’s Wed 9:30 locked in for a while.

    Will give This Week Live a look on catch-up. Odd that Ten scheduled it for the same time as Wednesday Night Fever given the likely similar demo.

  5. The ratings for TWL are expected. I don’t thing anyone knew it was on and since promos only were on TEN which not many people watch.

    Hope good word of mouth might give it a bit of buzz.

  6. What about the huge drop in numbers for Arrow.

    Putting an extra episode on at the very last minute does not help – they also did it with The Bible the night before.

  7. I have to praise Channel 7 as I was really sceptical at first of commercial channels covering football (soccer). The pre game show, the build up, commentary, on screen graphics, the whole package they presented for both the Man Utd and Liverpool games was top class. I hope SBS were looking at this when they start showing Friday A-League games from this October.

  8. Was a good game of soccer. In soccer a team will always beat allstars. Though there is something a bit off-putting with 94,000 home fans backing Liverpool at The G. Hard to see the A-League benefiting a great deal from the exercise.

    After The Block numbers were soft all round. Over month of high profile sporting events has made life tough for regular programming.

  9. TWL on any other network with that number would mean instant axing. It is weird to put it against WNL (which I watch) since I imagine they are very similar.

  10. I hope people get on board with “This Week Live”. It’s far superior to higher rating “Wednesday Night Fever”. Part of the problem for Ten is letting people know that it’s on, since they are simply not watching Ten much these days. I found nobody at work watched it and most of them didn’t even know what it even was.

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