Julia Gillard gives interview to BBC Wales doco

2013-07-16_0104Before she was deposed as PM, Julia Gillard recorded an interview for a BBC documentary about the impact of the Welsh on the shaping of Australia.

In Wales In Australia With Huw Edwards has been filmed for BBC Cymru Wales, which sees Edwards travel to Australia.

Barry-born Julia Gillard stressed to Edwards how important her Welsh heritage and values have been to her in her life and political career.

The host also learns about prime minister Billy Hughes, plus sheep-shearing in Western Australia, and visits the Mechanics’ Institute at Ballarat.

Edwards said, “I was intrigued by the prospect of seeing the great cities of Sydney and Melbourne, along with the remote expanse of Tasmania. It was every bit as friendly, sunny, open and welcoming as I had been led to expect. Sydney was even more impressive than I’d sensed from afar: the harbour is stunningly beautiful. We crossed the bay in bright sunshine early one morning and it was a magical experience.”

The doco airs in Wales this week but there’s no airdate for Australia as yet.


  1. Maxxdude, build a bridge already. You make it sound like she literally led a coup against Rudd. You also ignore the fact we had a chance to get rid of her in 2010 & didn’t.

    We’re such a hard done by lot in Australia, aren’t we? No country on Earth has it worse than us.

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