Kitchen Cabinet: July 30

3cabkSussan Ley and Bill Heffernan are both lunch guests on the penultimate episode of Annabel Crabb’s Kitchen Cabinet tonight.

In a Kitchen Cabinet first, Liberal MP Sussan Ley flies her own plane to a Broken Hill shearer’s shed to show Annabel how to cook a classic country roast, which they share with Australia’s self-proclaimed ‘most disgraced senator’ Bill Heffernan. Whilst preparing lunch Annabel discovers that Sussan has one of the most interesting CVs in federal parliament – she has been a farmer, punk, economist, air traffic controller, aerial stock musterer and sometimes gun-toting shearers’ cook. Over a mouth-watering meal Bill explains to Annabel why he is happy to get into a few parliamentary scrapes, and even an arm wrestle or two, in order to stand up for the bush.

8pm tonight on ABC1.


  1. Annabel and her crew does it again, another excelent enjoyable Kitchen Cabinet, and left me wondering how many other experienced gifted politicians, and this applies to all the major political parties, where sadly many free spirit politicians are in the right job, but aligned themselves to the wrong party, and I also wonder if not for the risk/ensured underserved venom, how many would swap sides, after they have sampled the actual world of politics/

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