Renewed: A Place to Call Home

Seven renews its new melodrama for another season.

2013-07-15_aptchSeven’s A Place to Call Home has been renewed for a second season.

The period melodrama is the most successful new local drama so far this year, regularly attracting numbers between 1.1m – 1.2m in overnight figures. With Timeshifted numbers at around 200,000 it reaches about 1.4m each week.

The first season will see its final episode air next Sunday night and sets up the second season very clearly.

Brad Lyons, Director of Network Production, said the decision reaffirmed Seven’s commitment to local drama. “A Place to Call Home has showcased drama on a scale never seen before on Australian television,” he said. “It’s pleasing to see such an ambitious production receive the acclaim it deserves

Creator Bevan Lee told The Australian he has mapped out three seasons for the show, set in the 1950s.

“Season one sees the characters running from their secrets, season two has them facing those secrets and three is about them living with those secrets,” he says.

“There are comparisons there with Australia during that period, running from the winds of change and then facing up to them. I can clearly see where the show is going. Sometimes writers don’t know what the show will be after the first series, they get out of the gate and then struggle to know what they are after. But I have a clear view for those first three series.”

Pre-production has already begun, with shooting to begin later this year.

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  1. Fantastic show, very well produced, at first thought it seemed laid back, but that was what it was like in the 50’s not the hustle and bustle of today, and to see how far we have come with Gay people, mixed religious relationships, and pregnancies etc. it really was a sheltered world then, and should not be forgotten how far we have come, keep up the good work of this series and hope it keeps going for several seasons. Great stories.

  2. It had to be renewed. Its a fantastic show and im loving learning about life in the 50’s and after the war.

    Its got great actors and great writers. Its a shame the finale is this week.

  3. This is a great show and it’s Australian. I’m very pleased it’s been renewed for a second season and hopefully it will be renewed for a third season as well. The characters are really well defined and the quality of the acting is superb with the characters either very likeable or hated. Credit to the writers and actors. Hopefully we’ll see more Australian drama series of this sort of quality on our screens.

  4. Love the show, and I can’t wait to see who dies next week! The stubborn meddling Elizabeth Bligh is by far my favourite, and the addition of the wicked Regina has thickened the plot in recent weeks too.

  5. Also, one of the female characters made a completely disgusting comment about Hitler running out of steam “oh sorry, I mean gas” which was quite shocking. Vanilla? Don’t think so. Vanilla implies bland, which this dialogue certainly wasn’t.

  6. Great news. Best Aussie drama series in ages. Good performances, good script and wonderful to see the Aussie countryside photographed in such a beautiful way. Even Nonie is starting to become more convincing now that she is getting over her Maggie Smith impersonation. She has a great role, but unfortunately with all those twitches she has been less than convincing.

  7. Great news, I love this show. I was watching last night and thinking I hope this gets renewed, they can’t end it like this. Can’t wait for the finale next week, it’s going to be explosive.

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