1. Congratulations Seven and especially Shaun the Sheep. 😉

    I’d like to thank GEM for Person of Interest plus the ABC for Four Corners and Media Watch.

    By the way if you want the secret to viewers that watch TV and the dirty little secret at the heart of modern television even though it’s probably inadvertent. Then it is under the Greek News article below.

    I’ll just add I resent all the attempts at corruption even if it was unintentional. I hate wrong doing. I guess that’s why I keep feeling like I should give up watching some channels and shows. I love TV but not that.


  2. X Factor auditions are going to go on for months at this rate. Last night again it was 1 contestant every 10 minutes. Even the decent singers without a story had to have a goofy side or something other than their talent…Having read through what was going on in the NZ version we can’t even trust that the talent we see is real as miming of instruments etc is encouraged.
    GABO is good & deserves a bigger audience.

  3. I don’t think Winners and Losers is tanking, but I don’t think its a hit either. Last night’s numbers were an improvement, but it is concerning that it needs to have a ratings powerhouse behind it just to crack 1m viewers. It could also be adjusted down below 1m if XF ran overtime. Alternatively, shows like A Place to Call Home and Offspring pull in consistent numbers each week without significant lead ins.

  4. really liking TXF this year, 2nd episode was an improvement, less sob stories and Dannii is shining. shes at her best when she’s got her bitch on. but her wigs are very distracting.

    seems X has put the wind back into 7’s sails. 7news, TT, sunrise, morning show, home and away even deal showing signs of improvement. DOND still doing abysmally, but better than the 300k gap it had a few weeks ago.

  5. Secret Squirrel

    @hotgoat – the only thing that should be questioned is why people are happy to believe the ratings when their favourite show does well but question the methodology when they don’t like the numbers. People have school/work the next day. I think you’ll find that the +7 ratings will show a bump for the 2nd ep.

  6. The Other Adam

    @hotgoat – yep most definitely people would of turned off and not bothered watching the finale

    I haven’t seen the show in a while and gosh has it gone down hill! I couldn’t get through the 2 episodes.

  7. X Factor is best show among the plethora of reality drivel, so I’m glad it’s won. But with Reality on all three networks and only 2nd rate drama’s, Tuesday nights has become a real bore. I might have to take up reading a good book.

  8. You have got to question the ratings system when the second (season final) of HIMYM gets less than the previous episode, did 92000 just decide to go to bed and not watch it.

  9. jezza the first original one

    I would have thought that MC would be coming back into its own by now. It looks like ch10s second half of the year will mirror the first……absolute disaster

  10. It’s interesting that now Rafters is gone & APTCH is in recess, that Home & Away is Australia’s top rating drama. Who’d have thunk!!

  11. Just had to say to all the negative posts about W&L in the last three weeks: It is now over a million. Sometimes a good lead in helps, doesn’t mean the show is tanking or is garbage!?!
    As for 9 The Mentalist repeat: Is it worth it, when the ‘brand’ of the show is now plague by excessive repeats?!?

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