2.43m viewers watch Dami win The X Factor

Ratings: The Winner Announced equals State of Origin numbers, as one of the year's biggest audiences.

DSC_3610a2.43m metro viewers watched the moment when Dami Im was crowned the winner of The X Factor 2013, a record audience for the Seven show.

The Winner Announced increased on 1.92m in 2012 and pulled 725,000 viewers in Sydney and 724,000 in Melbourne. It was just above Harrison Craig declared winner on The Voice this year at 2.3m in overnight figures. The numbers equal a State of Origin match earlier this year with only The Block, My Kitchen Rules and the AFL Grand Final higher.

Adding regional viewers the numbers increase dramatically to 3.7m viewers, reflecting the talent and the excellent production values this season.

For the second night in a row, Seven crushed the opposition.

Seven networks share was 42.2% then Nine 22.7%, ABC 18.0%, TEN 12.9% and SBS 4.2%.

Elsewhere Seven News was 1.08m then Today Tonight (1.01m), Home and Away (988,000), Scandal (773,000 /260,000 in preliminary figures), and Million Dollar Minute (510,000).

Nine ran an extended Nine News (1.14m) bulletin in Sydney. Coded as 2 shows it won with 365,000 and 330,000. This bumped other programming accordingly. Nationally A Current Affair was 984,000 then Big Brother (856,000), Big Bang (679,000 / 608,000), Hot Seat (600,000), 2 Broke Girls (428,000), and Two and a Half Men (322,000).

Australian Story (896,000) was best for ABC1 followed by ABC News (882,000), 7:30 (837,000), Four Corners (636,000), Media Watch (567,000) and Q & A (520,000).

It was a tough night for TEN. Their best performer was TEN Eyewitness News (581,000) then The Project (518,000). Everything else trailed The Bold and the Beautiful (429,000): Homeland (351,000), The Simpsons (334,000), A League of Their Own (242,000) and Blue Bloods just 168,000.

Tough too for SBS ONE with The Truth About Exercise (202,000), Storm City (198,000), World News Australia (182,000), Swift and Shift Couriers (131,000) and Legally Brown (100,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels with 283,000. American Horror Story was wasted at a dismal 83,000.

Sunrise: 412,000
Today: 314,000
ABC News Breakfast: 53,000 / 49,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 28 October 2013

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  1. I still agree with Ten’s decision to keep American Horror Story on Eleven. I saw bits of the first episode and it just isn’t appropriate for a main channel. By the way I’ve also seen ads for it on Eleven.

    @ randwick

    I can kind of understand them not wanting to do anything this week. By the way you weren’t the one suggesting they run David Attenborough repeats instead of A League of their Own were you? Because I like that idea. Although I’ll admit I don’t know if it’d work… But could it be worse?

  2. I think I mentioned that ten would have to be utter morons to run A league of their own last night…… ten didn’t act or chose not to act after it’s dreadful results last week and host something else, so they could mount some what of a challenge to 7 or 9…. and so the results are in …..

  3. God ten is doing so badly! So much for a fresh start this yr. Next yr ten need to focus on us more, our viewing habits so we can see our fav shows on good days and in good timeslots. Easiest thing ten could do is a survey online to find out what their viewers want.

  4. Shame about the figures for American Horror Story: Coven. It is such a quality show. I’ve not seen one promotion for it though – has anyone else? Mind you, I don’t watch anything else on 11.

  5. I can’t believe the low ratings for American Horror Story. The Truth About Exercise on SBS1 was a repeat, they showed it last summer. Perhaps they didn’t want to run new content against X-Factor.

  6. ch7 really are showing the other chs how to run a network in more challenging times. They have taken MKR from an also ran to beat MC, MKR concept started out with Dicko as My Restaurant Rules, a rethink and a lot of effort and they have a strong rating show. XF a ch 10 reject started out a little dismal with Altiyan and is now so strong. They just seem to not give up or get complacement and look to improve and refresh their shows even when they are doing well. Even DWTS seems better this year. And they still have tennis and afl….y’know all the stuff that cannot be viewed by other means

  7. The X Factor just keeps growing and growing each year. It is now a bigger show than The Voice. While one is about discovering diamonds in the rough, the other one is more like a showcase of polished pebbles.

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