Renewed: Teen Wolf

2013-10-14_1356MTV has renewed Teen Wolf for a fourth season of 12 episodes.

It has also greenlit Wolf Watch to air after each Teen Wolf episode.

Hosted by Jill Wagner, Wolf Watch will serve as a chat show companion follow in the style of Talking Dead and Talking Bad, with appearances by other Teen Wolf actors.

The remaining episodes of season three for Teen Wolf will air in the US in January.

Source: Variety


  1. @jmanwf and @johnjet — You’re right re. the 24 episodes. We’ve seen 12 episodes of season 3 to date, with another 3 scheduled for January 2014. That’s where I got the 15 eps from.

    I’m glad that season 3 will, in fact, eventually be 24 episodes long. Thanks for the info! 🙂

  2. wrong season 3 has 24 episodes don’t forget it is split up into to parts season 3 Part 1 with 12 episodes and season 3 Part 2 with 12 episodes combined total of 24. Season 3 part 2 goes to air in the USA January 6 2014 they have already aird the first 12 episodes in the USA

  3. what i want to know is it ever going to appear on fta networks again channel 7 showed the first season & pushed it to like 10:30 teen wolf is awesome granted that i only watched it because Jill wagner was in it & the actress who plays Allison is hot

  4. Terrific news! I’m absolutely hooked, and to see it renewed before they even air the second half of season 3 is a real vote of confidence. Here’s hoping FOX8 air the next season and a half close to the U.S. again (I think this season it was a 3 week delay?).

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