Airdate: Small Time Gangster

STGep1-0157Here’s a rarity. A local production made for Pay TV is having a Free to Air screening.

The series is the comedy Small Time Gangster, which aired on Movie Extra in 2011 and will now air on SBS.

It stars Steve Le Marquand, Gary Sweet, Sacha Horler, Gia Carides and Jared Daperis plus one of the last performances of the late Bill Hunter.

Le Marquand stars as Tony Piccolo who leads a secretive double life, a devoted family man and the toughest underworld enforcer in Melbourne.

Tony Piccolo is a regular family man making an honest living as a suburban carpet cleaner. But his wife and kids don’t know that Tony has a secret double life as a ruthless underworld enforcer, roughing people up when they don’t pay their debts to the big boss. In tonight’s premiere episode, looking forward to Christmas at home with his family, Tony suddenly receives a text message from work telling him he has a job to do. Hopes of the quiet Christmas fade, especially when he finds out that the low life bum he needs to collect payments from is his good friend Artie.

9:30pm Monday December 2 SBS ONE


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