Axed: The Jeselnik Offensive

2013-10-24_1051The Jeselnik Offensive, which screened briefly on SBS ONE, has been axed by Comedy Central after two seasons.

The late night series saw Anthony Jeselnik and various comedians riffing on US news stories before a studio audience.

The Hollywood Reporter notes the cancellation comes as Comedy Central has found success in the late-night landscape with its Chris Hardwick-hosted @Midnight talk show, which in its first week finished third among adults 18-49, trailing only The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, topping Conan, Chelsea Lately and more.

SBS also pulled the show from its schedule a few weeks ago.


  1. This was a very funny show & it’ll go down in TV history as breaking new ground. At least I’ll still have his regular stand-up to rely on.

    David, I’m struggling to think of one SBS buy-in comedy that fulfilled their charter. This excellent program was no different.

    Hope they stick the rest of it on SBS2 soon.

  2. I’m a fan of politically incorrect humour, but something about Jeselnik himself seemed ‘off’…on all levels. Lol.

    Some segments raised a slight chuckle, but nothing really grabbed by attention.

  3. I am completely of the Opposite opinion!

    I only saw about half an episode and I was like “What is this? It’s fantastic”

    It’s called the Jeselnik Offensive for a reason, it’s meant to be offensive. Thats what makes it funny.

    Comedy is so devisive, just because you didn’t like it, doesnt mean other people didn’t.

  4. Great news, this is the bloke that made fun of an Aussie shark attack victim. I happened to catch the segment the one and only time I watched this show. It was disgraceful. This bloke seems like the biggest toss, his show wasn’t funny and good on CC for axing it.

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