Big Brother late but still tops Wednesday

Ratings: It's Big Brother's night but the show ran so long the numbers are pretty messy.

BB Tim Winner  - 13Big Brother ran so long over time it’s almost pointless trying to make sense of today’s ratings. The finished at around 10:25pm, leaving no time to talk to the person people wanted to hear from: the winner.

Nine coded the show into various sections as is the habit of networks for grand finals, but preliminary figures don’t reflect corrected airtimes. BB: Celebration topped the night at 1.47m viewers then BB: Winner Announced 1.4m and BB: Grand Final 1.31m.

Nine Network won the night with a strong lead with a 34.4% share then Seven 25.0%, ABC 17.9%, TEN 17.5% and SBS 5.3%.

Nine News was 1,15m, A Current Affair was 720,000 in 4 cities, Hostages was 718,000 (including much of BB numbers) and a new CSI at 11:25pm was 218,000 (those numbers include Hostages viewers).

Seven News (1.03m) was best for Seven then Today Tonight (972,000), Home and Away (821,000), Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (821,000), SlideShow (591,000), Million Dollar Minute (452,000), Surveillance Oz (405,000) and Motorway Patrol (341,000).

ABC News (866,000) topped ABC1 then 7:30 (718,000), Qi (630,000), Ja’Mie: Private School Girl (592,000), Tractor Monkeys (508,000) and Agony Aunts (327,000).

Against Big Brother, The Bachelor actually had its best numbers so far at 704,000 with an extended episode, no less. TEN Eyewitness News was 604,000, Wonderland was 502,000 and The Project was 475,000. The Simpsons was 310,000 but Sleepy Hollow was just 183,000.

Richard Hammond’s Miracle of Nature did well for SBS ONE at 357,000. Next were 24 Hours in Emergency (230,000), World News Australia (172,000), Greece The Islands (103,000) and Prisoners of War (64,000).

Big Bang Theory led multichannels at 294,000.

Sunrise: 387,000
Today: 306,000
ABC News Breakfast: 49,000 / 30,000
Wake Up: 44,000

The Morning Show: 175,000
Mornings: 135,000
Studio 10: 48,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 6 November 2013

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  1. I actually didn’t mind the length of Big Brother. Besides Ja’Mie, there’s not much on a wednesday night that interests me.

    It wasn’t the length that bothered me, but it felt like we were watching the same highlights over and over. They only played a few unseen clips, I would’ve liked more unseen clips rather than familiar retrospectives.

  2. This BB crap is an insult to anyones intelligence, I cant believe anyone would watch it. I am absolutely fuming, went out Wednesday night and set the recorder to record Hostages, came home and guess what I just caught the last 15 minutes!!! all because that rubbish BB finished so much later than it should have. Thanks a lot Channel 9…you lot just dont care…do us all afavour and repeat it for all us ” cultured” people that missed out or went to bed out of frustration..

  3. Awesome finale I wanted Tahan to win but Tim played the game well. They could of done something a little different but still happy either way – great show, wasn’t it funny how Gretel was on slideshow on ch7…Can’t wait for BB 2014!

  4. Leaving the winner alone in the house after the announcement is a big flaw in the format IMO and so anti-climatic. Perhaps sending all the housemates in to congratulate the winner while the runner up is interviewed would make this feel more like a celebration.

  5. Didn’t watch the BB final, as I correctly predicted a long, drawn out yawn of a show. Switched over twice, saw Tahan omitted and Tim win. All I really needed to know, thanks.
    Interesting to see the other shows that performed well considering viewers with little to no interest in BB.
    Shield did well, Bachelor etc.
    Ja’mie not really grabbing me. Seems to be more crass than cutting edge satire.

  6. I am still not surprised at how poorly TV networks cannot organise and run a “live” finale.
    In any other industry they would get the sack or reprimanded for continual poor time management!
    This is a key reason why I avoid reality shows, I see the “extended coverage” as a waste of time and attempt to capture more viewers, advertising revenue etc. yes viewers are watching live, but the disrespect for viewers who are fans of other shows is astounding. The ACMA need to regulate many aspects of the TV industry as self -regulation is not working!!!

  7. I know on Twitter last night people were bummed the BB was clashing with Ja’mie so it could answer its drop in numbers.
    As for the drawn out BB finale there were at least three segments before the winner was announced that could have easily been chopped, it was all just recaps of the season that was that we had already seen countless times!!

  8. Obviously the novelty has worn off SlideShow too.
    How much poorer does ABC1 look without Gruen in the schedule? Just shows how good a show it is and how one really good can help some mediocre (yes, Chris Lilley, looking at you!) shows out.
    Ten would be reasonably happy with Bachelor I think, just need some early weeknight programming.

  9. Talk about overkill. 3 hours long for BB and the once mighty CSI first run episodes starting at 11.25pm????

    Not sure Ja’Mie will bounce back from its high start and I would say this season will be the last we will see of her as her shaving stubble and crows feet under the eyes must be putting some off her. Or maybe it is pitched at the same audience that watches Big Brother.

    Ten would be very happy with The Bachelor – it will be back next year, or even The Bachelorette??

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