Airdate: Restless, Generation War, Spies of Warsaw.

2013-12-26_0050It’s not Friday night Hitler, but SBS ONE begins a season of World War II-based dramas this weekend, including Restless with Charlotte Rampling, Rufus Sewell and Michael Gambon and David Tennant in Spies of Warsaw.

These air 8.30pm on Sunday nights from 29 December – 9 February.

SBS ONE is introducing factual and drama series to its Sunday night slot throughout the New Year, beginning with a World War II season featuring three new ground breaking dramas.

Restless (two-part miniseries)
8.30pm, Sunday 29 December and 8.30pm, Sunday 5 January

Starring British heavyweights Charlotte Rampling, Rufus Sewell and Michael Gambon, and based on William Boyd’s bestselling spy novel, Restless explores doubles lives and their generational consequences.

Flashing between the outbreak of Second World War and the 1970s, this BBC produced miniseries tells the story of Sally Gilmartin, who reveals to her daughter Ruth that she has been living a double life – she is not respectable Sally Gilmartin but in fact Eva Delectorskaya, a spy for the British Secret Service on the run for 30 years.

Sally yearns to end her decades of restless watching and waiting. But the only person who can bring her closure is her former lover and spymaster.

Generation War (three-part miniseries)
8.30pm, Sunday 12, 19 and 26 January

This hit German miniseries triggered unprecedented public debate in Europe when it aired there earlier this year.

AMENDED: From the Eastern front to the the Nazi concentration camps in occupied Poland and an emotional finale in bomb ravaged Berlin, Generation War follows five friends eager to become heroes in an adventure that will change the face of Europe – and will forever change them as well.

A harrowing end of innocence story, Generation War is a provocative portrayal of Germany’s involvement in the war from the viewpoint of young Germans.

Spies of Warsaw (two-part miniseries)
8.30pm, Sunday 2 and 9 February

Doctor Who’s David Tennant and Black Swan’s Janet Montgomery star in this adaptation of Alan Furst’s spy novel set in Poland, Paris and Berlin in the years leading up to the Second World War.

It is 1937 and at the French embassy in Warsaw, Colonel Jean-Francois Mercier, a decorated war hero, is drawn into a world of abduction, betrayal and intrigue in the seedy back alleys of the city. Into Mercier’s life marches an extraordinary cast of characters with secrets to hide and information to trade.

Warsaw is a place where brave souls continue to battle against the Nazi occupiers. A city where people drink and fight and spy and love because no one knows what tomorrow will bring.


  1. Finally caught up with Restless – very good. I’m looking forward to the second part. SBS is showing some excellent first run stuff over Summer.

    Never knew you had so many Polish readers David 😉

  2. It is your choice to use the PR, therefore you can be blamed for helping to spread this insulting lie about Poles.

    B Korbman (President Society of Polish Jews): This is not about semantics, it is not about political correctness, it is about historical accuracy, it is about recognising the tragic loss of life, displacement and suffering by Poles during WWII. It is about not belittling or destroying the integrity and dignity of an entire nation through falsehood and innuendo.

    A Jaroszyski (Polish ambassador): Any reference to “Polish concentration camps” is entirely inaccurate, deeply unjust & offensive to all Polish people

    Press Board: the expression “Polish death camps” could mislead Australian readers, is offensive to Poles, & therefore violates the principles of Australian journalism.

    Senator Humphries about Polish concentration camp: This is a perfect example of the…

    • Jan: In my experience, social media not correcting Press Releases actually compels the originator to correct their mistakes which is a much better outcome.

      Having brought this to the attention of SBS I have now been issued with the following statement:

      The term ‘Polish concentration camps’ was an incorrect choice of words/phrasing. The sentence should have read ‘the Nazi concentration camps in occupied Poland’. Sincere apologies for any distress and inconvenience this may have caused.”

      You should consult with SBS for other outlets that received the same media release, as it has not been reissued. Thanks.

  3. The English death camps of WWII are as relevant and factually correct as Polish ones. It’s a shame that David Knox doesn’t know his history as he doesn’t have the facts right at all. There were no Polish death camps – only Nazi death camps in German occupied Poland. Perhaps TV Tonight should hire a more knowledgeable and competent writer.
    What a joke.

  4. The synopsis of “Generation War” includes the erroneous phrase “Polish concentration camps.” The camps were conceived of, established and operated by Nazi Germany on territory they invaded, occupied and plundered, and the first victims were Polish Christians. It’s bad enough that this German production attempts to shift blame for German crimes onto Poland, a nation they ruthlessly destroyed. Please refrain from contributing to their propaganda by using terminology which distorts history.

  5. The term ‘Polish concentration camp’ is incorrect. The German Nazis established the ‘concentration camps’ on occupied Polish soil. The camps were not Polish as implied by the comment. Please correct the error.

  6. I saw a trailer for Restless earlier today….and it cerainly tweeked my interest…
    And anything David Tennant I will give ago…apart from Dr. Who that is…

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