Returning: Sleepy Hollow

Heads up fans of Sleepy Hollow, the series returns in less than 2 week's time.

2013-12-31_0053Heads up fans of Sleepy Hollow (in-joke!), the series returns in less than 2 week’s time with new episodes, now on ELEVEN.

“The Golem” screens at 8:30pm Monday January 13 with Aussie John Noble.

Ichabod struggles with the news that he and Katrina had a son he never knew existed. He is determined to learn why his wife kept her pregnancy hidden from him and what became of his offspring. In order to get the answers he seeks, Ichabod enlists the help of Henry Parrish in the hope that the Sin Eater’s unique skills can help him contact his wife in her other-worldly prison.

This episode aired in the US in early December and new eps resume there on January 13, so will continue a week later in Australia.

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  1. No word on AHS:Coven, which resumes this week in the US and would be available on Mon. 13th. Or Supernatural which is available on Mon. 20th. Though Supernatural usually has a production break in March so they could resume it in Feb and be caught up by the final.

    Presumably they will continue stuff on Eleven for people not interested in snow sports while Ten and ONE focus on Sochi.

  2. Sleepy Hollow is on Eleven because it failed on Ten — fast-tracking was no help in its ratings.

    The last 3 episodes air on Dec 13th and a double episode final on the 20th on Fox. Better to show Golem with them in a block than by itself in the middle of Dec. when half the audience would have been out or forgotten it was on.

  3. I’m really glad that Sleepy Hollow has found a new (and hopefully more timeslot stable) home on Eleven. It definitely suits the market better since other supernatural-y shows like ‘Supernatural’ and ‘American Horror Story” are shown on it,

    I’m a little confused by the whole so-called “fast tracking” though? If Sleepy Hollow returns on the 13th January in the US, surely we should be getting that episode within 24-48 hours after it’s aired?
    What do the networks define as “fast-tracking” coz Elementary seems to get shown within 2 days (it’s aired on a Thurs in the USA & we get it on Sun).

    Nearly a week later does not a “fast track” make

  4. At least TEN are going to continue after saying this on November 15:

    “From December 1, popular US programs Homeland and Sleepy Hollow will continue to be fast-tracked on Monday and Tuesday nights.” (from: http://tvtonight.com.au/2013/11/ten-summer-highlights-2.html)

    Sure technically they should of finished the series off in line with the US in November (they were fast-tracking then within days), however like I said at least it is getting shown now.

  5. This show is awesome – Mr AJ I would recommend watching it from the beginning otherwise you’ll be lost. But this is a great series

    Eleven should also get off their asses and show the 3rd season of Being Human US. The plot featured a vampire plague/disease wiping out most of the vampire population and it was awesome – the 4th season is starting in the US soon and Eleven are a year behind

  6. Happy New Year to everyone!

    Thank you David for this news. As a viewer I’m glad they’ve chosen to play this show on Monday on Eleven. The only worry is I remember near the start of 2009 Ten played the first episodes of Stargate Universe and new episodes of Supernatural in the Christmas and New Year period. It eventually resulted in them disappearing until 2011 on Eleven. So I hope this does go better than that.

    I can confirm they were repeats. I liked seeing the episode with John Noble in it again. Plus it seems from the description above that it will act as a timely reminder about his character.

  7. Last night was episodes 6 and 7.
    I recorded them, with all the others on my PVR, waiting to watch the entire series in sequence.
    The tv guide I use (ebroadcast.com.au/tv/) said they were new episodes not repeats, I’ll have to check my PVR to see whether I already have them recorded or not.

  8. Thanks Dave for letting us know! I totally would have missed it otherwise. I love this show and can’t wait to see the remaining of the season. Great to see that even though TEN has bumped it to Eleven they are still fast tracking it. Props to TEN!

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