Renewed: Wentworth

2014-01-29_1023Great to hear Foxtel has renewed its new prison drama, Wentworth, for a third season.

The good news comes before the second has even aired.

Shooting is curently under way for season two until mid-February and then production will resume for season three in March, keeping cast and crew in the cell blocks at the Melbourne location until midyear.

The series debuted on SoHo in May with its 1.86m Reach across multiple plays making it the most-watched non-sports program ever on Australian subscription television.

The FremantleMedia Australia series, a reimagining of Prisoner, has been sold to more than 20 countries with a German version in pre-production and another Euro-adaptation to be announced imminently.

Foxtel Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh said: “Wentworth’s first season was a triumph with its remarkable performance and production qualities which enthralled our Australian audience and achieved such great international recognition. Since October, the cast and the production team, led by producer Amanda Crittenden, have been back on-location delivering on the promise of season two’s gripping scripts and the story lines for season three are sensational.”

FremantleMedia Australia Director of Drama Jo Porter said: “Foxtel have been the perfect broadcast partner and have given Wentworth the ideal platform for it to achieve such success both domestically and then internationally. To have this unique Australian program now airing across the globe fills us with great pride. The commissioning of series three is such a compliment to the hard work and talent of the writers, directors, our outstanding cast and of course the crew, most of whom have been with us since series one. We look forward to continuing our success both here and overseas.”

A date for season two will be announced soon.


  1. I like how the first season took ”Prisoner” and reversed it…Meg Jackson, the longest running character gets killed off quickly, Tough Bea Smith is a wimp, Doreen goes from white to black, Lizzy goes from old to young, Vera from mean to nice,etc etc.

  2. I’m the odd one out it seems. I hated it. As a prisoner fan I felt it sh** on the memory of characters I knew and loved. Maybe if it didn’t pretend to be a prisoner “re imagining” I would have liked it.

  3. Far and away the best local drama right now, hope we can see a lot more Australian product which such high production values and decent story telling. As it’s shown, there’s money to be made by making a quality series.

  4. excellent news even though i havent got foxtel i had to get the entire series on DVD I thought it was fantastic cant wait until series 2 i hope introduce more old prisoner characters and maybe some cameos from some of the old cast members would be terrific i would loved to have seen fiona spence playing vera mother !!!

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