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What's this? A new local comedy series on a multichannel?

2014-03-07_2342What’s this? A new local comedy series on a multichannel?

Plonk is a behind-the-scenes comedy follows the trials and tribulations of a hapless TV crew as they endeavor to create a wine show.

The show is the brainchild of Nathan Earl, who’s teamed up with his production partner, Glen Condie of Wonder Communications. Playing comedic caricatures of themselves, the ensemble cast also includes Chris Taylor as the shows celebrity front man, Nathan Earl as the struggling producer and Joshua Tyler as “The Expert.”

The series also has cameos from Susie Porter, Steve Bisley, Veronica Milsom and Matt Moran amongst others.
Creator Nathan Earl writes:

Rather than make the show through traditional network means, my production team and I decided to jump ship from TV to the web. We reached out to private interests and got the show up as a web series, with very positive results. Feedback and initial viewing figures have been strong and the series was only online for two weeks before Qantas, News.com and Channel Ten all reached out to us and are now screening versions of the series on their media assets.

In the case of Channel Ten we cut the show into 3 half hour episodes, which premiere on Channel Eleven this Tuesday at 10pm.

We also have been in talks with networks overseas about similar deals.

After spending many years banging on closed doors to try and get comedy made in Australia, my colleagues and I reverse engineered the process and made the show first.

Tuesday 11th March 10pm on ELEVEN

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  1. OK I’m shocked. I expected it to be maybe ABC2 or something. I looked it up and they’ve got it after Snog, Marry, Avoid? I’m not sure they go together. But I guess people with recorders won’t mind. I’ll just admit I’m glad I don’t want to watch repeats of Ten shows on Eleven generally. Including So You Think You Can Dance Australia that is currently on. Very glad.

    P.S. David I don’t know if it is my computer but something is up with the text on this article.

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