Renewed: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mindy Project, New Girl, The Following.

FOX has renewed four of its shows.

2014-03-09_0004Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mindy Project, New Girl and The Following have all been renewed by FOX.

New Girl wins a fourth season, and The Following and The Mindy Project a third, while Brooklyn Nine-Nine lands a second season.

“These shows are some of the best and acclaimed series on television, with influential, culture-driving stars, and some of the best, most creative talent behind the camera,” FOX bosses Kevin Reilly and Joe Earley said in a joint statement.

“All four are core assets within our 2014-2015 portfolio of content, and we’re really happy to bring them back to our FOX fans for another season.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine recently won Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Andy Samberg) at the Golden Globes.

In Australia New Girl airs on ELEVEN, The Following on Nine while The Mindy Project was on Seven.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is yet to premiere in Australia.

Source: E!Online

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  1. @Guy
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine is rating about the average of what Fox would expect if they tried several new sitcoms, so that isn’t too much of a surprise. As you point out New Girl was always going to be renewed for a 4th season and syndication.

    The Mindy Project being renewed early for a likely 2 seasons is a bit of a surprise. Fox are switching from piloting to a development process and perhaps TMP gives them stuff in fall while they develop new shows.

  2. Brooklyn Nine Nine is the best sitcom to air since HIMYM premiered in 2005. It is a great series! Andy Samburg is hilarious as are the characters of Boyle, Gina and Captain Holt. I highly recommend everyone check it out..it leaves the likes of Modern Family, Big Bang Theory and most other sitcoms in the dust. One of the few genuinely laugh out loud comedies

    Don’t watch the mindy project or new girl but good on FOX for renewing them, both have active and passionate fan bases

  3. Surprised about the following given its ratings, but I am really enjoying the current season. The end to last weeks was one I really didn’t see coming. I can see season 3 being a bit like season 3 of homeland.

    Brooklyn nine nine is really growing on me. Andy Samberg is great along with the dude from last resort.

  4. FOX must have rocks in their heads if you ask me. New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine were put after the Superbowl yet gained no viewers at all from it. How does FOX justify this for 3 unfunny comedies? I have no idea why they have been renewed. New Girl is probably the only one i can understand for syndication but the rest are not close at all. In the past higher rating, decent comedies have fallen under the axe yet these are saved? Makes zero sense. Guess FOX have zero faith in their new shows.

  5. Fox is continuing to renew shows early and not to gamble on new shows.

    New Girl was fairly certain to be renewed for a 4th season but The Mindy Project hasn’t been rating well and was bumped in January so it was looking like being cancelled.

    Rake is moving to Friday next week to be burnt off, so it looks gone.

  6. Any word on when 9 is bringing back The Following, it’s airing now in the US & sounds really great. Like Scandal, it’s annoying reading all the Tweets when it’s on over there and having to wait to see it here.

    1. No but my tip would be mid year. There are more eyeballs on television during winter so struggling shows are likely to do better there. Anything that hasn’t launched on commercial networks is unlikely to begin before Easter non-ratings now.

  7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine would be perfect for TEN – paired with Modern Family. I have seen it on the plane and loved it. Not so sure about the Following – it did end on a stupid cliffhanger, so maybe its renewal was to be expected? I just can’t see where the plot can go

  8. Brooklyn Nine Nine does grow on you. Andy Samberg isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it is a great ensemble. I think execs are starting to realise that some shows need room to grow, and with shows ending and disasters like Dads happening, you have to keep something!

  9. @Southpatt – Going by the comments on IMDb and other sites, I think people are watching The Following because they get a good laugh out of it…ratings are ratings no matter the reason it is watched.

    Was really hoping Almost Human would be in that renewal announcement from Fox, I’ve been watching it on Hulu and find it a really good mix of Sci-Fi and Police procedural.

  10. I just tried to watch Brooklyn Nine Nine while on a plane & thought it was juvenile college humour at best. I think it was an anomaly that it was nominated & bizarre that it won at the Globes.
    There are many many more US comedies that are much better.

  11. Good to see Mindy got another season, but will Seven ever return it? If they can show Mrs Brown’s Boys and Citizan Kane on 7TWO surely they could bump it over there but instead of repeats air new episodes. I really wish someone would pick up Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it looks awesome. I’m guessing since Seven ended their output deal with NBCUNIVERSAL (the shows distributor) Universal Channel has first dibs (like they did with TMJFS) but there doesn’t seem to be any sign of it coming to anyone.

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