Returning: Sesame Street

Sesame Street returns with a brand new season, with our own Jessica Mauboy as guest.

2014-03-10_2228Sesame Street returns with a brand new season next week, with our own Jessica Mauboy, making a guest singing appearance in the first episode.

That’s an awfully long way from Australian Idol. Good for her.

Jessica sings “Count the Kangaroos”, which is sure to be a big hit not only with small viewers but Mum’s, Dad’s, grandparents, caregivers, Jessica Mauboy fans – and everyone who enjoys a cute and catchy tune! “Count the Kangaroos” focuses on the number five and features five animated kangaroos, five boomerangs and five children from Yipirinya State Primary School. Brisbane-based Carbon Media created and filmed the clip set against the stunning desert landscape around Alice Springs.

In the first episode , entitles “Judy and The Beast”, Judy looks for her fairy godmother on Sesame Street. She asks Abby to be her fairy godmother and hopes Abby can find her a unique beast to be her friend and share adventures. Abby is happy to help. Amongst lobsters and other animals, a Kangaroo appears. But he misses his home in Australia and he is just too hoppy for Judy!

8:30am Thursday March 20 ABC4 Kids (@ABC2)

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