Mad as Hell: Apr 2

Mad as Hell offers a Paper Giants-style drama on the making of Mr. Squiggle and its creator Norman Hetherington.

2014-04-02_1244Tonight on Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell look out for a Paper Giants-style drama on the making of Mr. Squiggle and its creator Norman Hetherington.

In real inspiration was probably Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space and Time which we saw late last year.

Mad as Hell has been tossing up a few wry parodies recently. Last week it aired a parody of The Time of Our Lives rebadged as “Your Comfortable and Middle Class Life Existence Validated and Reflected Back At You.”

Another was a Dream Build send-up.

8pm Wednesday on ABC1.

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  1. Hm, I watched this last night and didn’t see any Mr Squiggle, parody or otherwise. Have just skimmed thru the ep again on iView and it’s not there. Perhaps this is from next week’s ep?

  2. Was very funny, have loved those send-ups, especially the Paper Giants: The Trading Post ones … oh and the many shows listed as hosted by Stephen Fry (ie: Stephen Fry checks his EMail).

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