Airdate: Births, Deaths And Marriages

ABC1 screens a UK factual series which begins with the 'new arrival' of royal baby Prince George.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 12.02.55 pm.jpgThis Thursday ABC1 screens a UK factual series, Births, Deaths And Marriages, which begins with the new arrival of royal baby Prince George (although I’m not exactly sure what the cameras are privy to for the occasion).

Also not sure if this lot are the same cast from This is Littleton….?

In Marylebone Town Hall, one of Britain’s busiest and most iconic registry offices, a team of 21 registrars and a superintendent handle up to 30 birth and death registrations and conduct up to 14 marriage ceremonies per day.

These are the human stories of the people who pass through Marylebone’s doors to record the start of a new life or the end of one, a marriage ceremony or a citizenship one. During the series the registrars deal with a range of births, from the very significant arrival of the royal baby Prince George to the rather unexpected delivery of a baby in the back of a car. There are heartbreaking farewells as a daughter tells of her late mum’s quest to be reunited with the son she had to give up for adoption more than fifty years ago and a council official does some detective work after a man dies alone. And the many wonderful and unique marriages range from an impromptu wedding with a bride wearing a black T-shirt to a last-minute cancellation.

In this opening episode the Marylebone team must contend with a significant new arrival in the Borough of Westminster: the royal baby Prince George. Meanwhile, a desperate hunt for people to serve as witnesses at a wedding leads to a very unusual bridal party. Also, there are some heartbreaking farewells.

9:30pm Thursday ABC1.

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