Axed: Rake (USA), Dads, Enlisted, Surviving Jack.

No surprises here as FOX decides to shut the case on the US version of Rake plus 3 comedies.

2014-03-05_0135‘Tis Upfronts season in the US and already there are some preliminary announcements, including the expected end for the US adaptation of Rake.

It’s a disappointing outcome for the drama, despite our own ABC leading the way in shows recently picked up for international adaptation.

The US version starring Greg Kinnear opened on FOX very modestly despite an American Idol lead-in, before being bumped to Friday, then Saturday nights with a season average of 4.7 million viewers. FOX also swapped with the fourth episode for the premiere. Today the network declined to comment.

Also out are comedies Dads, Enlisted and Surviving Jack.

Deadline notes: “Enlisted and Surviving Jack both received pretty decent reviews, and Surviving Jack gets credit for showing us how good a comedy actor Chris Meloni is. But both were mired by dismal ratings. Neither was given a fair shake by being slotted outside of FOX’s Tuesday comedy block. Surviving Jack ran behind an anemic American Idol — which, even in its heyday, has not been able to successfully launch a comedy series. Enlisted got dealt an even harder hand with a Friday time period where it never had a chance.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. This show is cute and entertaining but, also is somewhat empty in terms of background and level of story. A bit more sophistication could have been good. I meant our one.

  2. Disappointed to see Enlisted get the axe, although it was always going to be doomed in that timeslot. It’ll be nice to go back and watch all 13 episodes in their intended order, though, rather than the butchered order that Fox aired them in.

  3. The US Rake did not have quite the same disheveled appeal as the Aussie Rake…females wanted to save our Rake…the US one did not look like he needed saving…*G*

  4. I’ve never trusted Fox since they canceled Firefly 🙂

    Shame to see Enlisted canceled, I liked it. Dads was okay but got old fast and Surviving Jack is also good, just a shame it ended up on Fox. Pity Rake didn’t work in the US.

  5. that’s a shame about Dads, I saw a taping of it in L.A. and it was quite funny. comedies/sitcoms these days need to have ‘from the creator of Big Bang’ attached to survive!

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