Gap narrows between The Voice & House Rules, but Nine wins.

Ratings: The "reveal" episode of House Rules rises for Seven. TEN has a tough night but Nine stays in front.

bottle tops 1.jpgThe gap between two Reality shows narrowed last night, with the “reveal” episode of House Rules rising to 1.49m for Seven, while The Voice dipped to 1.68m viewers.

While Nine’s show still won the night, it ends its Blind Auditions tonight, generally the higher-rating weeks of the season.

MasterChef Australia was some distance behind at 748,000.

Nine Network won the night with a share of 32.0% then Seven 30.9%, ABC 19.1%, TEN 13.7% and SBS 4.3%.

A Current Affair was also high for Nine at 1.28m viewers then Nine News (1.24m / 1.21m), Big Bang (1.05m / 864,000) and Hot Seat (672,000). Footy Classified was 258,000 in 3 cities.

Following House Rules for Seven were Seven News (1.3m / 1.13m), Home and Away (1.01m), Revenge (801,000) and a win for Million Dollar Minute (737,000). Grey’s Anatomy was 338,000. Talking Footy was 69,000 in 3 cities (75,000 on 7mate).

ABC News (856,000) led ABC1 but Four Corners was strong at 816,000, then Media Watch (800,000), Australian Story (766,000), 7:30 (757,000) and Q & A (727,000).

MasterChef Australia (748,000) was best on a disappointing night for TEN. TEN Eyewitness News was 718,000, The Project was 606,000 / 402,000 but all else trailed The Bold and The Beautiful‘s 420,000: Modern Family (378,000), 24 (345,000) and Have You Been Paying Attention? bombed on 162,000.

On SBS ONE it was Vikings (214,000), Mythbusters (173,000), RocKwiz (151,000) and SBS World News (146,000).

ABC2’s Humf led multichannels at 334,000.

Sunrise: 370,000
Today: 299,000
ABC News Breakfast: 75,000 / 49,000
Wake Up: 26,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 19 May 2014

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  1. At least Have You Been Paying Attention? is on later so isn’t dragging things down from 6pm. Although 6pm is still a problem that needs to be solved if it can be. That said I’m not sure I saw an ad for it. Although I did see the disincentive during Supernatural unfortunately.

    Because 24 is only 12 hours so presumably they’ve used 3 of them. I hope they stick with it and not do anything funny with it. Try for better ratings for when it ends. I did like seeing Fry and Strahovski in the ad. I also liked the ad.

  2. @steviem MKR would be more profitable given Seven owns the content so there are no substantial licence fees to be paid to overseas production companies.

    In addition, the cost of the “talent” on Voice would be higher with the likelihood that all 4 judges on it get paid higher sums than Pete and Manu as well as probably very expensive contract riders.

  3. I watched HYBPA for the first time last night and quite enjoyed it. Not sure when it was on previously, but the time last night suited me. I quite enjoyed it and had a good laugh. I’ll definitely check it out next week… if it’s still on.

  4. David, I think that was 727000 for Q&A and not QI.
    I thought the audience on Q&A with Joe Hockey was very restrained. Joe Hockey must have been a used-car salesman in another life. At least he finely admitted that the new charges are infact taxes and that some of the promises in the election campaign were probably lies.

  5. Masterchef was a bit of an anti-climax last night as the eliminated contestant was spruiking in interviews on Sunday that he wanted to try out for MKR. So while not saying he was out it was made onbvious. 10 need to keep a tighter rein on their contestants and the media need to show a bit of respect for viewers of these shows. Pretty poor form all round I thought.

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