1. With the Modern Family repeat at 6pm I missed out on knowing if they had radio ads for Sundays. If so, do they mention it also being on weeknights at 6pm too? If not, then never mind… Just thinking. Possibly pointlessly.

  2. Well maybe Channel 9 should stop making such bad promos for their equally bad shows. They kept playing these extremely long promos that were mostly just scenes lifted from the show. Did it ever occur to them that this might turn off potential viewers?

    I didn’t even watch the show, but I feel like I have seen the first episode, purely based on Nine’s promos.

  3. Nine will have regret changing from Farmer Wants a Wife which had real heart to this rubbish. I hope they bring back Farmer
    I have not done damage to the brand.

  4. Bring back Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and strip it across weeknights at 6pm I say… ill a void for them and engage families too

  5. Wish more people were watching Insight, it thought last night was a very interesting discussion. Very sad to hear some of the tragic circumstances, and most people had very good opinions. Loved the Rabbi that appeared on the show last night as well.

    To me Insight is 10x better than Q&A.

  6. Shoudy Chen

    This is not good for Channel 9’s WLCTT. It was a bad show especially with the ratings. Hope that this show will be a flop.

  7. I Predict the 100th State-of-Origin Game will rate Hugely in Rugby League Mad Sydney and Brisbane while House Rules dominates Adelaide and Perth and Masterchef and Offspring in it’s Melbourne Heartland.

  8. Nine hasn’t yet learnt Ten’s lesson that last minute schedule reshuffling (and randomly peppering new episodes throughout the month) has worn out its welcome with viewers…

  9. Cameron C: There were people on Twitter and Media Spy a few weeks back claiming that Ten had commissioned a Family Feud revival for 6pm, but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

  10. It appears being surrounded by soft programming hasn’t affected Studio 10s performance, a positive sign. Yes what of Tens planned 6pm family game show? Have they evaluated the risk and decided against it, or has an almighty hump stalled it?

  11. Doesn’t surprise that WLCTT is sinking in the ratings. My friends and I decided to wait for The Bachelor to come back, as Ten do a better job with this type of program.

  12. I did read somewhere that their 6pm family entertainment show is Family Feud, produced by Roving Enterprises?
    Any news on this David?

  13. Great ratings for TEN last night. But how much longer until they realise repeat Modern Family at 6pm is letting them down. Going from 726,000 to 329,000 is a ridiculous drop and it results in The Project having poor numbers for its first half. What ever happened to the family game show idea? Surely Rove would be jumping at the chance to be back on Aussie TV. He done an amazing job co-hosting The Project the other week and it showed in the ratings. TEN need to do something otherwise their ratings will continue to sway.

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