Syfy 2014-15: Upfronts’ trailers

Video: Here are trailers for upcoming Syfy dramas Ascension and Dominion.

Upcoming Syfy drama Dominion premieres in the US in mid-June, while ‘space opera’ Ascension, launches in November.

It’s not confirmed where or when these will land in Australia, but as Syfy is owned by NBC-Universal, the likelihood is on the Syfy channel in Australia.

Produced by Universal Cable Productions and Bold Films. From executive producers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer and writer/executive producer Vaun Wilmott.


Produced by Sea To Sky Studios in association with Blumhouse Productions. From writer/executive producer Philip Levens; Ivan Fecan, Tim Gamble and Brett Burlock also executive produce.

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  1. @ Pertinax, I totally agree. SyFy has put out a lot of crap in recent times, so I’m sceptical of anything they release these days. That being said, I do like the concept of Ascension, so I do hope they put in the money and effort to make it into something worth watching.

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