1. Found the first ep of ‘When Love Comes To Town’ pretty tedious and boring and not vey well executed.
    This type of thing has been done to death.
    Only watching to see Anna Bay and my beautiful home town of Port Stephens, (where one of the girls lives), which will be featured in an upcoming episode.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I have never watched pre news game shows…but I am sure those numbers for MMM have to be some sort of record?…..
    I watched and enjoyed Secrets of the Manor House on SBS.

  3. The only show we’re watching on Nine atm is The Mentalist (although my husband likes Kalgoorlie Cops and the footy). Too many crappy American “comedies”, and we have no interest in the “reality” offerings. We’re watching Seven the most, with Ten a close second.

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