Big Bang repeats leave a hole in Nine’s schedule

Ratings: Big Bang repeats show up how reliant Nine is on The Voice. But ABC also had a horrible Wednesday, while Seven races to the front.

2014-06-12_1021Nine’s dependence on a Voice / Big Bang premieres for its weekly schedule is exposing weaknesses in its entertainment arsenal.

Without them shows like When Love Comes to Town and CSI, propped up by Big Bang reruns (including 3 last night), are not hitting the mark. Even House Husbands returned to 842,000 this week, its second-lowest figure ever.

Thank goodness for the Nine News and ACA combo that is doing plenty of the heavy lifting on weeknights.

The news was worse for ABC1 with viewers turning off Spicks and Specks and Jonah from Tonga.

Meanwhile House Rules is giving Seven great numbers across the week, last night topping the rankings at 1.53m viewers.

Seven network share was 36.1% then Nine 25.8%, TEN 19.4%, ABC 13.5% and SBS 5.1%.

Following on from Seven’s renovation show were Seven News was 1.23m / 1.14m then Home and Away 1.01m, The Goldbergs (700,000), Million Dollar Minute (654,000). Movie: Bruce Almighty was 312,000.

Nine News (1.19m / 1.1m) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (968,000), Big Bang (791,000 / 781,000 / 710,000), Hot Seat (685,000) and CSI (584,000).

MasterChef (847,000) and Offspring (804,000) drove TEN’s night then TEN Eyewitness News (668,000), The Project (590,000 / 417,000). The Good Wife was 381,000.

The ABC also had big problems last night with its comedy double. Following ABC News (753,000), 7:30 (592,000) and QI (473,000 / 381,000) were Spicks and Specks on just 308,000 and Jonah from Tonga‘s finale at a dismal 246,000.

Walking Through History (292,000) was more than double other SBS ONE shows SBS World News and One Born Every Minute -both 128,000. Death of a Pilgrim tanked at 68,000.

Ben and Holly did it again for ABC2 at 324,000.

Sunrise: 363,000
Today: 275,000
ABC News Breakfast: 60,000 / 40,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 11 June 2014

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  1. Nine will keep having repeats of The Big Bang Theory a dozen or more times a week just to keep the viewers as they don’t have anything else that can keep them long term, but typical of nine will flog it to death until people just switch off as there are only so many times you can really enjoy repeats, like they did with Friends. Such a pity they have to resort to these tactics after once being such a good channel.

  2. Beckala, did he need to die or something in the end? It’s not a soap opera. The reaction to Lilley’s last couple of series shows how small & immature this country’s culture really is. He might want to relocate to the UK or US?

  3. Nine has other shows but they all rate less than repeats of TBBT. Especially for a PG slot they have nothing better.

    There is no point in promoting Mom. Janney is excellent but writing and the rest of the characters are dreadful. t’s M rated and people just aren’t going to watch it late at night.

    Nine will stick with TBBT and Origin games for time being and they will have other stuff afterwards.

  4. Nine really needs to push new shows like Mom and others to fill out it’s line up, are we going to get a dozen or of BBT re-runs each week until September when the 8th season of the show starts in the US?

  5. We say it every week but it’s a crying shame about the absymal rating for Good Wife. While others have dipped, this show has maintained excellence in all areas. I’m still reeling from one of the main characters being killed off.

  6. @Beckala – Lilley recently said in an interview:
    ”Most of my characters never change as [a series] goes along,” says Lilley There’s a familiar structure to television where the character is a certain way and then they go through a certain experience and they become different but I like the idea that people don’t change. That represents reality more.”

    So don’t expect Lilley to be changed by his ratings experience. He rejects the entire construct of story.

  7. surely the HR rating are up on last year. Now that the big bang has finished it will hurt 9. There are only so many times you can lay repeat episodes.

  8. More BBT tonight and tomorrow. At least next Wednesday State of Origin is on to stop nine from showing more BBT. Now that the season is over, there will not be any new ones til october.

  9. One thing I don’t get is why Nine don’t have The Voice on more nights (like they do with The Block). Sure it will shorten the season (altho’ they are already apparently unable to fit in all of the filmed content) but it would give them something solid against House Rules. What am I missing?

    @Pete – agree, the Python special should be on before S&S. I can see that they want to use the enticement of Python to extend the numbers from QI but instead S&S will just drag down the ratings for Python.

    People are not going to sit thru S&S waiting for the Python special. They’re going to watch an 8:30 show on another channel and not switch back halfway thru.

    I normally love Scandi Drama but I found Death of a Pilgrim to be uninteresting.

  10. Wasn’t ABC going to ‘rest’ the final six eps of Spicks and Specks? and show a David Beckham in Brazil special next week?

    Program guides have SAS at 8.30 and a Monty Python special at 9. I would have the special at 8.30 and SAS last remaining eps starting at 10pm.

  11. I was really disappointed with the Jonah finale last night. I was one who had actually enjoyed most of the season. But there was very little in terms of character development, plot or build to a climax. The big “finish” was (Spoiler) him returning to Tonga to get his final tattoo and it was shaped “like a d—“. That was the finale. Which was disappointing because the potential was there last week – it felt like he ran out of story and realised he had another half hour to go… A good moment with the teacher, but other than that, meh.

    Offspring was superb!!

  12. House rules seems to achieve what the block can’t in having a consistent audience throughout the week, The Block usually gets 1.8-9 for the reveal episode then drops right back to 1.2 later in the week. it also achieves what MKR can’t and keeps its audience once the first round is over.

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