Martin Sacks steps into Wonderland

2014-06-22_2215Martin Sacks (Blue Heelers, Underbelly, City Homicide, Wentworth, Rake) is joining TEN drama Wonderland, which returns to air soon.

TEN Head of Drama, Rick Maier, said: “It’s fantastic to have Martin on board, creating mayhem in his own charming way. We know he will be a great addition to this already very strong ensemble.”

“I was extremely happy to be asked to join Wonderland. It has a real energy and vibrancy that I think audiences will really enjoy headed by a young and fantastic cast,” said Sacks.

The cast for Season Two includes Michael Dorman, Brooke Satchwell, Tracy Mann, Peter Phelps, Jessica Toovey, Ben Mingay, Emma Lung, Glenn McMillan and Les Hill, although TEN still has unaired episodes of Season One to roll out first.

The FremantleMedia production is tipped to begin when Offspring concludes.


  1. Well Wonderland is actually one of my favourite tv drama series glad it has been renewed and Martin has made a great choice. I believe the show has a great cast with some good storylines.

  2. Forgot to say that I do like Martin though.
    A good actor and of course, handsome as well.
    Deserves better than Wonderland but guess it pays the bills…

  3. DanR June 23, 2014 at 9:27 am –
    “Not worthy of Puberty Blues’ and Offspring’s timeslot as the writing is awful and the performances wooden.”

    So agree!
    Only lasted 1 and a bit eps as I found it so bad.
    All the characters seemed so self absorbed and incredibly grating.
    God knows why they have renewed this lemon.

    BTW, please tell me it isn’t so that Puberty Blues is not going to be renewed !
    I will be very sad indeed : (

  4. italianguy1987

    Channel 10 will renew Offspring. I bet they are just trying to get some publicity around it saying ”oh no it wont come back next year” so when the final episode of this season airs, people watch it in the millions like last year.

    and i can put a $10,000 bet that A place to call home, will come back too. It’s all publicity they do to get people to watch their shows.

    Packed to the rafters wasn’t that amazing show people have called it out to be but it kept coming back….even after that 65 episode mark.

    So don’t worry about Offspring and A place to call home. They are safe and will come back without a doubt.

  5. @Teoni
    Well Ten haven’t renewed Puberty Blues and it looks like they aren’t going to renew Offspring because its used up its 65 episodes worth of tax credits.

    Ten has Batavia for 2015 and it looks like they need some local drama points so renewing Wonderland was the cheapest option.

    As we have seen Seven have axed A Place To Call Home and it is rating nearly 1m.

  6. The mention of Blue Heelers highlights for me what a shame it is that we don’t have many ‘water cooler’ Australian dramas anymore (with the exception of the terrific Offspring). It’s really unfortunate that the industry has been taken over so much by reality/competition shows.

  7. I’m really surprised they renewed Wonderland. I thought it was the worst Aussie drama last year. Though in saying that I did not enjoy the first season of Offspiring but now am a fan, so I’ll probably give it a go. I just wish the next time they do a Sydney based drama they would show a different side of Sydney. Everytime they do a Sydney based show it’s always these type of people in this location and I would just love it if for a change my Sydney got represented. Don’t get me wrong it is fascinating to watch worlds and people that are foreign to you but it is also nice to watch people you can realate to. Sydney is a diverse and dynamic city, would it be so bad to show some of that?

  8. daveinprogress

    Talk about coming full circle. Martin’s debut was in the Restless Years in its final year back in 1980/81 on Ten. Now another soap on the same network. All i recall of him from his debut was what a hunk he was!

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