Online TV tipped to overtake Broadcast TV

TV still ranks ahead of the internet as our preferred source of entertainment -but not for long, says a survey.

2014-07-31_0210Online TV platforms will ­overtake broadcast TV as a preferred source of entertainment, according to a Deloitte Media ­Consumer ­Survey.

The internet was ranked in the top three forms of entertainment by 63 per cent of respondents.

Study co-author Niki Alcorn, said, “Whilst watching television is definitely still our number one past-time – 64 per cent of survey respondents have ranked it in their top three entertainment preferences – it’s only just hanging in there.”

The survey of 2300 people found about one-quarter of Australians plan to subscribe to an online ­television ­service in the next 12 months.

More than 70% said they were regular binge viewers, often on a weekly basis.

Deloitte partner Clare Harding said, “Bingeing is almost the opposite of scheduled, episodic content that brings audiences and advertising dollars back on a regular basis.

“Broadcasters need to consider how to build delivery platforms and revenue models that support both preferences, as well as producing or acquiring these highly attractive, binge-worthy programs.”

Most viewers also mixed their new media devices with the traditional television, with nearly eight out of 10 people multi-tasking.

More than 90 per cent of survey respondents say they are not willing to pay for online news, with a third saying news was a major reason for their engagement with social media.

Source: AFR, ABC

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  1. like alot of others this would be so accurate except for the reasons already mentioned… and Laurie.. amen to that… can not belive that Foxtel go… and to a lesser the 9 signal wont work on Android devices…. given up the battle there…

  2. @Pertinax 31-07 9-57am

    Much of what you say sounds good in theory, but to name one vast difference between the US and Aust. is the ‘population’ (or eyes as the big players describe us) and numbers wanting these services.

    But there is one aspect that supports your claim and that is, we have Mr Abbott’s and Mr Turnbull’s super slow ancient copper network ‘broadband’ to look forward to, and possibly there may come a time where its not GB’s we are charged for, but the time it takes to download data at exorbitant mobile rates, or fork out to Telstra for fibre to the home.

    As far as reasonable prices go, you seem to forget that in Australia we have virtual oligopolies even monopolies such as Telstra, Coles,Woolies,News Corp and an ‘anti-fair go’ government of the day, and we all know how these players treat any threat to their survival, such as in any much needed…

  3. Australia should get something like a high-speed optical broadband network (lets call it something like um The NBN”.It could have the optical fibre going directly into peoples homes with a capably of even handling 4K video,a capability that would future proof it for decades to come….pfff what an idea………

  4. And pray tell why is Foxtel restricting Foxtel Go on Android devices? Should they not be trying to cover the market by releasing to other devices rather than a selected few Samsung Tablets??

  5. A stupid, sensational headline. They said the same thing about cinema, radio and newspapers and they may be right about one newspapers. But there are other reasons why people enjoy media and why they survive.

    Drama and movies will shift more to online, once a decent internet connections and services are available at a reasonable price as has happened in the US

    But for news, contest shows, sport and other events FTA TV will still be hugely popular. And nothing beats it for a freeway of killing time.

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