Pawn Stars Australia coming to A&E

Foxtel will launch Pawn Stars Australia, a local version of the US franchise by A&E Network.

2014-08-06_1452Foxtel will launch Pawn Stars Australia, a local observational series based on the US franchise by A&E Network.

Set to follow the trading of collectible, unusual and historically significant items at Sydney pawn shops, Happy Hockers, there are reports it will feature Baz and Shaz (pictured).

A&E Australia General Manager, Jim Buchan said: “A great part of our success with the A&E channel brand has been based on the Pawn Stars and associated series, so we’re really excited to be finally working with the original producers Leftfield having also identified that Australia has a thriving trading pawn community. Knowing that our viewers really love these shows a local example will really develop our local relevance and appreciation of these real life people”.

Brent Montgomery, CEO of Leftfield Entertainment added, “We’re obviously thrilled with these announcements, which speak to the global audience’s embrace of the ‘hidden treasures’ concept inherent in Pawn Stars, as well as the characters that embody the ways in which these kinds of transactions occur in different regions of the world. It is our goal to maintain the series’ humour and authenticity as we produce the local format for Australia. The continents and countries may be different, but we’ve learned that compelling characters helping everyday people find the value in their most prized possessions is an exciting, universal experience.”

Sean Cohan, Executive Vice President, A+E Networks International, said, “Our formats have gone from strength-to-strength, as we continue to build momentum internationally in this area of business. Leftfield Pictures has been a strong partner over the years, and it is thanks to their expertise and eye for creating shows that we have a strong real-life, character-driven series such as Pawn Stars, that can be embraced by audiences on a global level.”

Since its launch in February 2012, Pawn Stars has become one of the highest rating programs on A&E.

The series will air in 2015.

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  1. I hated the US one! Rick laughing all the time – what was he even laughing at?! Thin air? Gave me Tourette’s!!

    Never watched the UK one.

    And I don’t think the Aus version will be any good, although will have to wait and see.

  2. So is there a bumbling sidekick like the US [Chumlee] and UK [Marco] version have.
    I’m guessing they might be named Daz.

    Wonder if they’ll have Rick from Pawn Stars pop up in the first ep like they did with Pawn Stars UK.

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