Why you should watch those shows sitting on your IQ

IQ2Let me guess.

You have a bunch of movies and TV episodes sitting on your Foxtel IQ that have been sitting there for a while, and one day you will get around to watching them, right?

Maybe on a rainy day or next time you’re home sick from work.

Well, don’t put them off forever.

When the new IQ3 rolls out -expected to be anytime from November- it most likely means there will be no capacity to migrate content from the IQ2.

That means subscribers will sadly end up losing favourite shows they have stored. The upside is that there will be plenty of new features on IQ3, rumoured to include nine tuners.

A corporate launch is expected in November but it’s not clear how long the rollout will take.

Time to start crossing those unscreened titles off your list.


  1. agree @pertinax I do love the way IQ keeps the series information for shows you are watching and automatically sets to record when a series restarts, so I’m always reluctant to hand over my IQ2

  2. Foxtel won’t be able to upgrade everybody at once and they are still running STUs and IQs on the SD packages.

    I imagine they will roll out the IQ3 as a package for new subscribers and those who want to upgrade for the home network support.

    Eventually they will phase out the SD system and upgrade everybody but it probably take years.

  3. I’ve only had my iq2 box for a week and all ready it’s obsolete, technology’s just racing by so fast you can’t keep up some days.

    The sooner your sitting down to use some piece of technology the next your being told it’s old and needs replacing.


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