Real Housewives hunting Sydney, Gold Coast options.

Are NSW and Queensland next stops for the Real Housewives franchise?

2014-08-21_1512Matchbox Pictures are mulling the idea of another localised Real Housewives series, potentially in Sydney or the Gold Coast, according to media reports.

“I think we can handle another,” executive producer Kylie Washington has told News Corp.

“It will never be like the States where there are several different franchises running. It’s not sustainable and you don’t want to flood the market. But I think there’s scope to take it (elsewhere).

“You’d think Sydney or the Gold Coast first of all. That’s not to say a great series couldn’t be done out of those places, but Melbourne had a different flavour. It’s the dark espresso over the champagne cocktail.”

The brand, when originally rumoured in the media was for a Real Housewives of Australia, with Gold Coast touted early on.

There have also been rumours of Gina Liano hosting her own Judge Judy style series.

Season Two of Real Housewives of Melbourne is currently in production for 2015.

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