Big Bang bests Monday

Ratings: Reality shows can't match scripted or news content as Nine takes the night and ABC scores good numbers.

2014-10-28_1005Viewers are more drawn to scripted and news content than they are to our current batch of reality shows. None of the latter made the top 10 for the night.

Last night The Big Bang Theory topped the night with 1.22m for a premiere episode and 1.16m for a rerun. That was nearly double Seven’s Big Adventure (662,000) and TEN’s Gold Coast Cops (647,000). Viewers not attracted to any of those offerings headed to ABC and delivered some good results.

TEN’s Party Tricks lifted by 60,000 viewers, but there was a big gap from a decent lead-in this week. In a 9pm timeslot Seven’s Blacklist recorded its lowest-ever audience.

Seven’s multichannels helped it to close the gap somewhat but Nine network won with a 28.3% share then Seven 27.9%, ABC 20.9%, TEN 18.9% and SBS 4.0%.

Aside from Big Bang Nine’s other titles were Nine News (1.06m / 997,000), A Current Affair (873,000), Big Brother lifted from last Monday (702,000), Hot Seat (555,000) and Embarrassing Bodies (321,000).

Seven News (1.04m / 1.01m) was best for Seven then Home and Away (909,000), The Big Adventure (662,000), The Blacklist (593,000) and Million Dollar Minute (508,000). Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD was 300,000.

Australian Story (928,000) again led ABC then ABC News (832,000), 7:30 (810,000), Four Corners (687,000), Media Watch (604,000), Q & A (590,000 / 86,000) and QI (404,000).

Former Pay TV title Territory Cops had its first outing as TEN’s top show (670,000) followed by The Project (655,000 / 511,000), and Gold Coast Cops (647,000). TEN Eyewitness News was 600,000 and Party Tricks -despite the strong lead in- was 467,000. Homeland was just 194,000.

It was a quiet night on SBS with Global Weirding at 164,000, The Island with Bear Grylls (142,000), SBS World News (125,000), and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (85,000). Housos repeat was 64,000.

7TWO’s Judge John Deed led multichannels with a big 357,000.

Sunrise: 327,000
Today: 305,000
ABC News Breakfast: 82,000 / 50,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 27 October 2014

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  1. Last week the Blacklist pulled 638,000 and had a timeshifted increase of 259,000 taking it to 896,000, be interesting to see if that timeshifted figure increases this week. It seems with programming The Blacklist the way 7 are they’re losing eyeballs for ads as it was far and away the highest timeshifted show (Big Bang Theory new ep was 103,000 and then the figures drop away hugely).

  2. The issue for Glamping Survivor is the content shown in there 90 minute show.

    If most of the content of the was important (ie setting up storylines, important alliances forming, ect) or entertaining (a quirking character sceen or a funny moment) then the run time is justified but this is far from the case. Half of the show is the players crying that they have to eat canned food/drooling over reward food (side note: even Real Survivor very rarely has shown this in most seasons beyond the early season unless it’s a major plot point, like this session with the rice and the Hunapu(? on spelling)) and the other half is the overily drawn out challenges then the run time is far from justified.

  3. Party Tricks was terrific last night, great little series.

    The Big Rip Off deserves poor ratings along with a big fat law suit. The Roast Chookies should stop stealing formats and put in some real effort.

  4. Plenty of people are still watching drama but not exactly how the networks want us to. I’ll get to Party Tricks and Homeland tonight as Mondays are too busy with stuff I’d prefer to watch live.

  5. @ andrewb, I also agree. Despite my previous statement of being an enormous “The Blacklist” aficionado, the eminence of this series is nowhere near as dynamic and unflinching as the freshman season. I think the absenteeism of Tom Keene is the contributing influence. I really hope it picks up as the season progresses because it has potential.

  6. Seven and Nine aren’t interested in programming anything decent at the moment. Neither have a weekly Australian drama and haven’t really bothered to fastrack anything worth watching. Its like they have shut up shop for the year accept for their crap reality programs. I know ten have their issues but atleast they are fasttracking some overseas drama and have weekly Australian dramas.

  7. I found Gold Coast cops interesting enough for some light Monday night entertainment. No different to the force or highway patrol but rates lower because it is in ten.

    Looks like former nrl player Anthony watts is in next week.

  8. TBA is just a very poor Survivor/The Mole ripoff. One episode of it was enough for me.

    Monday nights for me are usually the ABC: 7.30, Australian Story, Q&A.
    I watched a bit of Big Brother too.

  9. I have given The Big Adventure away -nothing special – host trying to be Jeff Probst, challenges and sets straight out of Survivor.

    Yes I can see it moving to after Beauty and the Geek on Thursdays from next week to play out in that cheap reality Thursday night that Seven are doing at the moment.

    Numbers not dire – but TBA is not for me.

  10. Viewers just aren’t watching dramas at the moment. Gotham only got 626k (it just doesn’t appeal to the 60 Minutes audience). Others are doing worse.

    Dancing With The Stars and The Force/Border Security are doing well for Seven they have problems with Sunday and Monday night.

    Seven are probably stuck with TBA but they should edit it down to one hour though. If they reshuffle their entire week they could move it to later in the week but they need PG content.

  11. Party Tricks is finding a rhythm. It’s becoming quite a good show. Programmers must know what they’re doing, but I can’t imagine any viewers who find Gold Coast Cops appealing, staying on for something thoughtful like Party Tricks.

  12. @danny – Am too, but had to PVR it as it started at 9pm after something I wouldn’t watch if it was the only thing on. To see The Blacklist beaten by everything on ABC (4C, MW, Q&A) – who would’ve thought?

  13. “Viewers are more drawn to scripted and news content than they are to our current batch of reality shows. None of the latter made the top 10 for the night.”

    If this was true then TBA would have made the top ten as it is a scripted fakeality show isn’t it?

  14. I am an enormous “The Blacklist” aficionado and to see the show brook huge damage very early in its second season is insupportable. The Big Adventure needs to be lowered to another day and time. Not only is it an affront to its own time slot but it is destroying other key Seven titles.

  15. Two shows that are both performing under expectations have the word “big” in them! Hopefully TEN has realised for next year that maybe Monday isn’t the best night for their Australian dramas.

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