Game of Thrones leads BoxSets channel

2014-04-09_1042Game of Thrones is proving to be the most popular title on the new Foxtel BoxSets channel, which allows viewers to binge or download select titles.

Since launching earlier this month 94,000 episodes of Game of Thrones have been downloaded and viewed -leading Foxtel to issue a release calling the show the “most legally downloaded show.” Irony.

It was followed by Entourage with over 60,000 downloads, and The Sopranos ranking third at more than 43,000.

Foxtel Executive Director of Television, Brian Walsh said, “The numbers are in and the binge viewers have called it, BoxSets is an unqualified hit. We’ve listened to the feedback from customers who love to watch back to back episodes of their favourite shows and are thrilled that our answer has been so popular. With 22 different series already available this month, and more on the way, it’s the ultimate binge watcher’s dream channel.”

Other available titles include Big Love, The Newsroom, Rome, Band of Brothers, Wentworth and Angels in America (directed by the late Mike Nichols).

In December, Foxtel expects to add an additional four series to the BoxSets service bringing the total number of series available to 26.


  1. 94,000 eps is 9,400 series is 2,300 box sets. Not that impressive.

    The Walking Dead has racked up nearly 1m “episode” views in live +SDs on Mondays alone in the last 6 weeks. If you ad in repeat screenings later in the week and +7s the number would me much higher.

  2. The problem with th box sets channel is that if you record 12 episodes of anything onto your IQ box it soon fills it up and I already have 2 pages worth of series that I record regularly

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