New cash zones for Million Dollar Minute

2014-11-13_1038Million Dollar Minute is making some more adjustments to its gameplay rule from next week.

The Seven-devised show will introduce a new $300,000 ‘Safety Net’ jackpot in addition to its current $75,000 safe level. With $300,000 in their pocket, contestants risk nothing in playing on for $500,000.

There will also be a new jackpot level of $750,000 which puts the million dollars at a further distance but players will put less money on the line should they dare to continue.

Host Simon Reeve, said, “This is a big win for contestants and for viewers at home.

“We can expect to witness even more adrenalin-charged moments and life-changing wins than ever before,”

Million Dollar Minute has been closing the gap against Nine’s Hot Seat, particularly in recent weeks.


  1. They under estimate how loss averse people are so have been giving away far less money than budgeted. That means the insurance company covering the payouts has been pocketing millions at Seven’s expense.

    They tried to fix that with the $75k safety. The $300k safety means that going for $500k is no risk. And for $750k you are risking $200k for $250.

    But yes you would still have to be crazy to go for $1m. I expect this will mean a few more $500k payouts. Infrequent $750k payouts but it is possible that no one will ever win the million.

  2. There is something very underwhelming about this show, the set is boring, the contestants are boring, the concept is plain old boring. Simon Reeves is okay but he can’t do humour or charisma the way Grant Denyer and Andrew O’Keefe can on their shows which i find are both far more entertaining than MDM.

  3. @GG quote: “hardly the words I’d use to describe this turkey of a show. Dull and boring would be much more appropriate” are hardly the words I’d use to describe this show. You forgot to add “In my opinion”.
    As a quiz junkie I watch MDM and Hotseat and Eggheads and Jeopardy either ‘live’ or recorded. They are all enjoyable in their own way and I’m sure none would still be here if they were ‘turkeys’. Ratings show that MDM is far from a ‘turkey’ so let’s have a little less of these mean-spirited comments. Long live both Hotseat and MDM. (In my opinion)

  4. “Adrenalin-charged moments and life-changing wins” are hardly the words I’d use to describe this turkey of a show.
    Dull and boring would be much more appropriate.

  5. I just wonder if adding the $750,000 level makes the million dollar level almost null and void. It still grates me that you have a 30k jump and then 2 25k jumps before you get to 100k. Just get rid of the 75k level and make 100k the first safety level so you go up by 30k and then 50k.

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