Nine: first week of summer

Nine's first week of summer includes first-run episodes of Gotham, Person of Interest, 2 Broke Girls & Mom.

2014-11-26_0004Nine’s first week of summer includes first-run episodes of Gotham, Person of Interest, 2 Broke Girls, Mom, plus several specials and factuals.

It also premieres 2013 US crime Golden Boy in a late night slot. This ran for 13 episodes.

Sunday November 30
6:30pm Christmas with the Australian Women’s Weekly
7:30pm 60 Minutes
8:30pm Gotham
9:30pm Movie: Entrapment rpt

Monday December 1
7:30pm The Big Bang Theory rpt
8:00pm The Big Bang Theory rpt
8:30pm Person of Interest
9:30pm Person of Interest
10:30pm Love Child rpt

Tuesday December 2
7:30pm RBT rpt
8:00pm Kalgoorlie Cops
8:30pm The Big Bang Theory rpt
9:00pm The Big Bang Theory rpt
9:30pm 2 Broke Girls
10:00pm Mom
10:30pm Gordon Behind Bars rpt

Wednesday December 3
7:30pm Renters
8:00pm Neighbours at War
8:30pm Movie: Killers rpt
10:30pm Movie: Killng Spree

Thursday December 4
7:30pm Getaway
8:30pm New Tricks
9:40pm Midsomer Murders rpt
11:50pm The Following rpt

Friday December 5
7:30pm Australia’s Funniest Home Videos rpt
8:30pm The Mentalist rpt
9:30pm CSI rpt
19:30pm CSI: NY
11:30pm Golden Boy

Saturday December 6
7:00pm Angelina Unbroken And Exclusive special
7:30pm Movie: The Notebook rpt
10:00pm Movie: Taking Lives rpt

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  1. Just looked at the TV Guide, it appears that Golden Boy is one day earlier than you posted:

    Golden Boy – Pilot

    11.35pm – 12.30am
    Nine, Tomorrow (Thu 4 Dec 2014)

    A police drama based around a rookie cop told from the past and present. In the past he’s been newly assigned to a top-shelf homicide position, in the present he’s just been named the new Police Commissioner.

  2. Still wonder how many repeats of TBBT that people can watch, and that is not including the repeats on 9’s multi channels, it really is a pathetic channel for this, perhaps if viewers stopped watching them they might find something else to put on, they may have done better this year in the ratings but its only because of the repeats not new shows, get some variety in your programmes 9. and stop relying on repeat after repeat after repeat, Boring.

  3. 9’s summer of tv. The big bang theory repeats, The big bang theory repeats, The big bang theory repeats, The big bang theory repeats, The big bang theory repeats and more big bang theory.

  4. People should check out Golden Boy, its a unique cop show with a mystery that flashes forward 7 years every episode. The trailer is on YouTube. It should be played much earlier than Fridays at 11:30

  5. Ummm.. is that correct? New Tricks and Midsomer Murders on Thursday nights? So Nine is now pulling content from GEM..? Surely they’ve got enough mothballed programmes they’ve never aired to fill summer schedules than another repeat of something most fans have seen once, if not many, times before.

  6. Nine have 22 eps of POI they don’t want for ratings on either their main or secondary channels. So they are using them up over summer to get viewers watching on Monday night.

    And they are repeating Love Child to boost the audience for S2 which will occupy the slot in February (most likely).

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