Airdate: The Librarians

Noah Wyle reprises his Librarian role in this 10 part series, also featuring Rebecca Romjin & John Larroquette.

2014-12-01_1634Next week the Universal channel premieres The Librarians (not to be confused with the Australian comedy of the same name), within 24 hours of its US debut on TNT.

Starring Noah Wyle, this 10 part series forms part of The Librarian action adventure telemovie franchise, which first appeared in 2004.

Also appearing are Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Kim and John Larroquette while Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin are also reprising their characters from the movie trilogy. Matt Frewer is also playing a recurring role.

Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) may appear to be an ordinary librarian working at the world-famous Metropolitan Library, but beneath the public library lies the centuries-old headquarters of scholars and adventurers who investigate the bizarre, collect dangerous artifacts and save the world from supernatural threats. This is the library, and Flynn is the librarian.

When an ancient conspiracy threatens to destroy technology and bring back the age of magic, Flynn and his new Guardian, Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn), must recruit three extraordinary people – a secretive scholar/cowboy who works on an oil pipeline, a hospital attendant whose life-threatening brain tumor gives her extraordinary mental abilities, and a world-class thief to join in the quest. If these new recruits fail, the world will be plunged into a new Dark Age. But if they succeed (and survive), they will become the new librarians.

Tuesday, December 9 at 8.30pm on Universal.

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  1. Very Excited abt The Librarians with Christian Kane.. This is going to be great.. It is being brought to us by the folks who brought us my favorite show Leverage…. Dean Devlin and John Rogers… So this is a must see for me! Christian Kane is such a great actor and singer.. just a joy to watch Looking forward to his movie 50 to 1 coming to DVD Spring 2015 too!! #YearOfKane

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