Bumped: America’s Got Talent

2015-01-09_1600Nine has bumpedĀ America’s Got Talent back to its former home, on GO!

Today’s episode, which was due to air at 7pm on Nine is replaced by a movie repeat
Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

But the show will air at 5:30pm on GO!


  1. Armchair Analyst

    That timeslot for (US)AGT is crap it should have been put on a later slot 7.30pm would have been better suited. Another example of how scheduling can negatively impact the show and the channel and ofcourse the perception of the overall TV Network.

  2. What a silly move by 9 putting this on the main channel and then flicking it back to GO! when it clearly wasn’t going to rate. 5:30 is a bit of a dead timeslot for this too, not that I csre because I don’t watch this crap or 9 for that matter.

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