Poldark: trailer

Rockin' soundtrack, fight scenes, buffed and oiled hero -it's the new-look Poldark.

By the looks of this trailer, the new-look Poldark starring Aidan Turner (Being Human), has been sexed up for a contemporary audience.

Rockin’ soundtrack, fight scenes, buffed and oiled hero ….we’re a long way from the original 1970s drama with Robin Ellis.

Despite it being a BBC drama, this will screen this year on ABC.

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  1. I loved the original series and especially the red-headed female lead. I’m not really interested in a remake, although I like Aiden. Must be better than that awful “Sons of Liberty”, making history sexy for the teens.

  2. Oh good…reading and hearing BBC 1 …thought it will be forever getting to ABC…but then right at the bottom…I was smiling….It has been a long time since the original Poldark….so I think I can watch without making comparisons ….trailer looks good….music…hmmm….
    Thanks David Knox

  3. Drool !
    Shallow I know, but Aidan is looking mighty fine here.
    Have been a big fan since his Being Human Days so will watch regardless of the quality of the series. Great to see him back on our telly screens after a long absence.
    Hopefully Poldark will be a success though.

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