‘Putin propaganda’ claim on new Foxtel channel

2015-02-23_1053Foxtel could be being paid up to $2m a year to broadcast its latest news channel Russia Today, according to a media report.

The Australian estimates that the Russian government is spending up to $2m a year in satellite & transmission fees and EPG listings to broadcast its state-owned channel.

Russia Today launched last week but the channel has previously come under fire for being a “propaganda instrument” of the Russian government.

Foxtel would not confirm financial arrangements and confirmed channel editorial was operated independently and would monitor it to ensure it complied with the subscription television code of conduct.

“As with all international news channels available on our service, Foxtel has no day-to-day editorial involvement in the news and stories that the channel broadcasts. We leave it for viewers to come to their own conclusions on the material that is broadcast, as we do for all of our news channels,” a spokesperson said.

Foxtel is part owned by News Corp, publisher of The Australian.


  1. As much as I believe RT is bad, I like to think we give a much higher priority to free speech here than there is in Russia, so hopefully it’s not too harmful…

  2. Well, why not I guess. They do broadcast Fox News.

    Like they say, it’s just content, and as long as it’s not illegal, it’s up to the viewer to decide. That’s democracy.

  3. I hope Foxtel watches RT. They seemed quite surprised when I enquired as to why NHK World had changed their picture resolution, and displayed a HD logo in the corner, despite Foxtel not carrying that channel in HD!

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