Renewed: Wentworth


Foxtel is headed back to the laundry press for a fourth season of its hit drama, Wentworth.

The FremantleMedia Australia production, a reimagining of Grundy’s iconic Prisoner, will return in 2016 with twelve more episodes on SoHo.

The series is now seen in more than 80 countries, including New Zealand, the UK and US and has spawned its own adaptations in Germany and The Netherlands.

Foxtel Head of Drama Penny Win said “All of us at Foxtel and FremantleMedia Australia are extremely proud of Wentworth and the passionate bond the series has forged with drama lovers, starting with our discerning Foxtel subscribers and expanding to captivate audiences around the world.”

FremantleMedia Australia Director of Drama and executive producer Jo Porter said, “Without wanting to give away any specific spoilers from season three, suffice to say it builds to a fabulous crescendo that in turn has given our season four writers a fantastic launch pad to explore what is next for the complex and compelling characters of Wentworth.

“Our loyal Wentworth fans are not going to be disappointed and I know our amazing cast and crew are going to relish bringing to life these potent stories.”

Production on the fourth season gets underway in Melbourne in the second half of this year with Season Three to premiere Tuesday April 7 on SoHo.


  1. I agree, Ten would be a great fit, and I’d watch all episodes all over again if they picked it up. 12 episodes for season 4 though? Surely the hunger from the fans and the exceptional quality of the show so far could’ve pushed the season out to 18 or 24 episodes.

  2. My wife loves this show and she would be happy with the news. With Channel 10’s partnership with Foxtel lately, I think 10 should air the first 2 seasons this year and the 3rd season at the start of next year prior to the 4th season starting on Soho. Channel 10 really need a well made drama and this is it.

  3. Maybe an opportunity to go to barnhurst for a bit?
    Or bring Marie Winter onboard?
    Or Myra?
    Endless opportunity for us diehard Prisoner fans to get excited about the possibility of reimaging these characters

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