Bumped: Glee

Glee is set to move to Friday nights from next week.


Glee is set to move to Friday nights on ELEVEN from next week.

It will follow American Idol, the show that was partly its inspiration, after this Thursday’s episode.

Friday April 3
7:30pm American Idol
9:30pm Glee “A Wedding”

Glee has just wrapped in the US ending its eight season run.

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  1. Even the finale only managed 0.7(18-49)/2.5m in the US. I haven’t watched it regularly since S3, but will watch the last two eps.

    Glee started out as fun modern retake on the typical US mid west high school story with lots of fun music numbers. Things went downhill from S3 and it ended up with the final season getting a half season order which was burnt off mid season on Friday nights on Fox. So not surprising it is meeting a similar fate here.

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