Returning: Alan Carr: Chatty Man, Stella.


Popular UK comedians, Alan Carr and Ruth Jones, feature in new seasons on UKTV this month.

Kicking off on April 21, the new series of Alan Carr: Chatty Man premieres at 9.30pm with even more laughter, silly antics, top music acts and a stellar line-up of guests including music chart toppers Rita Ora,, Tom Jones and Spanish actor and director Antonio Banderas — all in the first episode.

Next up is the irresistibly warm, moving and very funny comedy drama, Stella starring BAFTA nominated Ruth Jones. Premiering from April 29 at 9.30pm, the new series is full of misunderstandings, too many people and things that go a bit wrong.

Alan Carr: Chatty Man – Series 14 Tuesday, April 21 at 9.30pm.
Stella – Series 4 Wednesday, April 29 at 9.30pm


  1. I love Stella too. Funny though that as Stella is only broadcast on sky hardly anyone in the UK knew it existed when I was over in Wales this year. It’s great thAt UKTV are showing new series but it ts pretty appalling that there’s only 3 premiere series this month on UKTV when it’s supposed to be a premium channel. There’s also been very few “First” run dramas on BBC First of late. I don’t want to pay $80 a month for repeats of repeats with advertising

    • Yes, the ads on some Foxtel stations are just too much – too many and too long.
      (Worst would be FX, sadly the home of Justified and The Walking Dead.)
      UKTV is not as bad, but any ads in the great British shows are a pain!
      I don’t want much for my $130 Foxtel sub – no ads, no watermark, no screen clutter such as ads for other shows! A couple of stations give me that! Only a couple.

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