Toni Pearen is back presenting on TV


Bless! Former Funniest Home Videos host Toni Pearen is back presenting on TV this weekend, thanks to the brave new world of branded content.

She fronts Let’s Do Coffee which is “celebrating coffee, food and the cafe lifestyle” for a coffee supplier.

It will air at 1pm Sundays on TEN from this weekend.

Pearen, who has also been a panel guest on Today, hit fame on TEN’s E! Street soap and flirted with a pop career singing songs such as Walkaway Lover, Joy and I Want You. Don’t pretend you don’t remember.


  1. I think she had a stint in Home and Away too…along side Craig McLaughlin – playing his sister or something. She had a drug problem from memory…

  2. Speaking of branded content, do you have any news on when Baby Circle will be launching on Ten? It was promised as part of Ten’s upfronts to form part of its daytime lineup if I recall rightly from last year.

  3. She is one of the nicest TV personalities you could ever hope to meet.

    Treasure my picture with her and the family when we came 2nd in 2003 on AFHVS.

  4. Not to forget singer of the rebranded Channel 10 promo in the early 90’s with That’s enterainment. Still singing it now.

    T—–E—-N—– That’s entertainment

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