Foxtel still ahead of Netflix in subscription race


Pocketbook Australia, which last week suggested Netflix had overtaken Foxtel as Australia’s leading subscription service, has now qualified its blog after Foxtel figures discredited the numbers.

Last week Pocketbook claimed Netflix had overtaken Foxtel as the most popular subscription service in Australia for non-businesses.

“We have adjusted our claims that Netflix is the leading subscription service today compared to Foxtel upon learning that [Foxtel’s] business customers contribute to only 1 per cent of their 2.8 million customer base,” Bosco Tan wrote on the company’s blog.

“We believe it is unlikely that Netflix has already achieved a total user base of 2 million-plus in Australia.

“However, given the nature of our sample, we believe our research is an accurate lead indicator for the impending direction of Australian consumer behaviour at large.”

The Pocketbook data reflects transactions for subscription payments to video services, taken from a sample of 85,000 Australian Pocketbook customers.

Source: Fairfax


  1. Not much of a sample to go on so why publish an easily discredited claim from a little known concern such as this one. Sounds like the claim has been made on gossip rather than raw data. On top of everything else, inititial subscriptions to Netflix Australia will change after initial free trial subscriptions will expire and how many will get renewed. In addition, there are many outstanding subscriptionts to Netflix USA via VPNs which won’t have been taken into consideration.

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