MasterChef over a million, House Rules in #4th place.


Any sunshine House Rules attracted on Sunday had dissipated on Monday, with the show back to third place in the Reality battle.

MasterChef (1.05m) again bettered Reno Rumble (847,000) and House Rules (684,000), reinforcing that viewers are happy to see makeover reveals, but not necessarily all the work in between. Seven’s reality series was fourth in its timeslot, beaten by ABC.

With TEN strong in early evening and Seven underperforming, it was Nine that broke through to win the night.

Nine network won with 27.8% then Seven 25.5%, TEN 20.7%, ABC 19.9% and SBS 6.1%.

Nine News (1.16m / 1.1m) topped Monday for Nine then A Current Affair (984,000), The Big Bang Theory (854,000 / 655,000), Reno Rumble (847,000) and Hot Seat (656,000). Footy Classified was 216,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News (1.12m / 1.07m) was best for Seven then Home and Away (807,000), House Rules (684,000), Million Dollar Minute (581,000), Revenge (535,000 / 483,000). The Amazing Race was 149,000. Talking Footy was 23,000 in 3 cities (97,000 on 7mate).

MasterChef (1.05m) was easily TEN’s strongest show. The Project was 688,000 / 520,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 634,000, Have You Been Paying Attention? returned with 562,000 and Elementary was 133,000.

ABC News (880,000) led ABC’s night then Australian Story (814,000), Four Corners (780,000), Media Watch (733,000), 7:30 (732,000) and Q & A (605,000).

On SBS ONE it was Michael Mosley: Trust Me I’m a Doctor (311,000), Cuba with Simon Reeve (254,000), SBS World News (153,000) and Strip the Cosmos (136,000).

Neighbours led multichannels at 313,000.

Sunrise: 325,000
Today: 286,000
ABC News Breakfast: 93,000 / 42,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 11 May 2015


  1. TAR did decently for 11pm and a few week behind the U.S airing. Imagen the rattings if they aired it within a few days of the U.S. airing (Saturday’s @ 7, maybe because it airs Friday in U.S.)

  2. I think Ten more than the other networks have audiences that will go out of their way to watch their programs via other means if they’re a fan. They’ve got a lot of great imports but I’ve usually seen them by the time they go to air here.

  3. House Rules tanking.

    Always puzzles me as to why networks continue to pit similar reality shows of the same genre against each other such as House Rules/ Reno Rumble and The Voice / X Factor.
    Too many samey shows on all at once.

    Obviously forces viewers to choose one over the other and miss out viewing the competing version.

    Why not space them out over the year so that viewers are able to watch both if they want , whilst also cutting back on reality overload/fatigue at the same time??

    • I completely agree with this comment. I would watch all three of the current shows if i didn’t have to choose. I know it’s not a ratings goldmine, but i think it’s a pitty there is no Reality TV on Fridays and Saturdays, I go from juggling three shows to having nothing i want to watch on the weekends.

    • Arent you missing the point tho.
      The whole intention of RR is to upset HR.
      It was never intended to be winning the ratings every night.
      Thats my opinion anyway

      • Yeah, you’re probably right.
        Seems the networks are more interested in competing against each other in an endless game of one-upmanship than looking after their viewers….

  4. First time watching HYBPA after MCA since there wasn’t much else on (The two reno shows still airing). Thought it was great actually so will continue watching it.

    • I agree, I didn’t intend to watch it but the TV stayed on after MasterChef. Didn’t think I’d like it, but it was hilarious! Will definitely be watching again next week

  5. I was going to wait a few days before commenting ( Just to make sure I didn’t comment on the reality ratings too soon)…but I’m flabbergasted. Well done TEN and Masterchef. Now please…for the love of God do not waste the momentum you have after the show! Great to see Shark Tank and HYBPA rise because of MC too.

  6. HR dragging Revenge even lower. Ten’s share shows you can have the #1 7.30pm show but it’s wasted if the shows either side underperform againstyour rivals

    • Couple of points here – while there is some distinction in being the most watched network, demos are very important to marketers. Don’t forget, when Ten was in their prime, they were the most profitable network, but never the most watched. On Monday, Ten scored 2 ‘top 5’ shows in the 18-49 demo and Seven had zilch. One of those shows – HYBPA – clearly got a boost from MC, so MC is having an impact.

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