Seven commissions Melbourne Weekender


Former AFL player Cameron Ling will host a new locally-produced travel series, Melbourne Weekender, for Seven.

Ling will continue his AFL commentary for Seven whilst fronting the new series showcasing Victoria, from secret city laneways to day trips in the Victorian countryside.

“Within an hour’s drive we can travel from a vibrant city to the solitude of the bush,” he said.

“It’s all here on our doorstep and I just love it.”

“Never in a million years did I imagine I’d be a part of a show like this. I’m out of my comfort zone – but I’m passionate about food and travel – which is what the show is all about, so the opportunity to be a part of this is just too good to pass up.”

Earlier this year Seven axed its long-running Victorian travel series Coxy’s Big Break, produced by WTFN.

Melbourne Weekender will join with other Seven-produced lifestyle shows interstate: Sydney Weekender, Queensland Weekender and WA Weekender.


  1. Let me guess: Sundays at 530pm.
    Same time as 9’s long running Postcards.

    @middledog.. You mustn’t have left the house very often. Melbourne is awesome with tons of things to do.

        • I’m living in Sydney now and the Sydney version is just as bad, nothing seems to get on unless its paid content. Quite often they encourage you to catch a plane for a destination a couple of hours away (Norfolk Island?? I know its still in NSW) btw I usually seem to be watching it every week and laughing at those skinny girls pretending to eat.

  2. Obviously this is all about saving a few dollars by keeping it in-house.
    Has anyone seen that other travel show hosted by another former footballer, Spida Everett and his wife?
    Maybe Seven could use that as a template for this new show!!!

  3. Well he can tell people about some bars and restaurants to go to if staying in Geelong.He should know them well considering he seems to have a hand in a heap of them.

  4. I’ve lived in Melbourne. The first two episodes will use up all the attractions. What will they talk about in episode 3? How to get to the airport?

  5. Here’s another hilarious article in light of today’s other posts. Just what the Aussie TV needs – another AFL footballer turned television presenter hosting a travel show about Melbourne’s exciting laneways etc. The males execs around the table would sign off on that.

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