Airdate: Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs


A new locally-produced kids’ animation series, Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs, will premiere as part of Kids WB this Sunday morning.

Aimed at six to ten year olds, it is based on picture books by Giles Andreae and Russell Ayto and is produced by SLR Productions.

Each episode is full of swashbuckling fun as four kids Flinn, Pearl, Tom and Violet, set sail on a pirate ship to keep despicable, prehistoric, pirate dinosaur baddies from doing wrong. These four seafarers boldly go where no young ones have gone before in silly pirate adventures full of vivid action and laugh out loud physical fun.

The irreverence, general silliness and flagrant disrespect for pirate dinosaurs are wrapped around a message of simple empowerment: sometimes when you face your fear you’ll notice it’s wearing a milk moustache (underneath that eye patch).

In Captain Flinn’s world, he and his crew are the only kids, and it’s up to them to keep dinosaurs and pirates in line. They sail a sparkling blue sea dotted with jungle islands, sandy beaches and treasure caves. There are plenty of places to visit… villages full of fancy folk or jungles full of ferocious fiends.

The world of the series is an archipelago of islands that lie in the Seven-and-a-half seas. It is full of pirates, pirate dinosaurs and village folk, real animals & sea creatures… as well as mythical beasts and a few sea monsters. It is a world where magic can exist – such as a magic cutlass that grants wishes, or where True North can be stolen… and is full of salty pirate tales, curses and superstitions… but only very silly ones.

Sunday June 28 at 7.30am on Kids’ WB on GO!

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